Former senator objected to 2004 election results. See what she says about 2020

Former senator objected to 2004 election results. See what she says about 2020

Former California Sen. Barbara Boxer, who objected to the electoral college results in the 2004 election, shares her response to Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) statement that he will object to Joe Biden’s electoral win in 2020. #CNN #News


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  1. What’s even more shameful is our out going president behavior. He lost this election in my view fairly but that has not stopped him from his continued lying. The outgoing President is dangerous in that he fails to see the destructive behavior of his actions. He appears unconcerned that his actions could throw our country into a civil crisis and he does not care. He and his republican enablers need to stop now before this becomes unstoppable.

  2. Trump started crying about election fraud before the election, he was prepping (brainwashing) his base then, knowing he was probably going to lose, imagine if the Trump administration and all of his supporters put this much energy into defeating COVID?

  3. The Republicans are setting the stage for more of the same in 2022 and 2024. Classic route to autocracy: destroy the voting process.

  4. CNN are not a news organiazation. The rigged and there was massive fraud paid for by the Chinese. Biden is their puppet. All senators should object. We are fighting for our rights and for our Democracy

  5. Yessss Sen. Josh Hawley you all should just shut up and sit down almost 60 judges rejected your foolishness and no it isn't 70 million voters arguing this situation. You're a doggone minor bird. Looking forward to the new incoming presidential staff… Moving forward 2021

  6. Hawley LIES. He says 74 million Americans question the election results. That is COMPLETELY INACCURATE. Only a small percentage of those question the results.

  7. The Republicans are sore losers and most of them are Crooks they line their own pockets and make billions off of the people that voted the men they're crooked especially if you have anything to do with Trump I listen to the hour-long conversation trying to get someone to overturn the election and break the law to me personally I think that's treason isn't it I'm not sure

  8. I’m no repub but boxer the epitome of a politician trying to have it both ways, she says she ‘had no interest in overturning the election’ yet she voted to object to certifying Ohio’s votes, that vote was not necessary at all to bring attention to voting irregularities, there’s plenty of occasions to have such debate/discussion, appears this was a stunt designed to please activists and get donations, btw this kind of procedural vote is actually unconstitutional bc the 12th amend provides no authorization to discount a state’s given electoral votes – it instructs to ‘open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted;’

  9. "BuT OuR oBjEcTiOnS wErE VaLiD bEcAuSe vOtEr sUpPreSiOn!" Damn, you guys really practice convincing yourselves that yours are more valid than the others. How does it feel knowing Democrats can never be wrong but everyone else always is?

  10. She's the Democratic conspirator that facilitated the Hunter Biden/ Eric Swalwell Chinese Communist Party connection. Those globalist's only swear allegiance to the almighty dollar.

  11. The universe is made up of mathematical patterns! Can order be created from chaos? Ie…Can one drop a bunch of steel, aluminum and plastic from the sky onto one part of the ground below and expect a car to be created? Darwin renounced his theory on his deathbed. Why aren't ALL apes human by now anyway if we truly evolved? Apes and tadpoles still exist separate from us do they not? Why don't we see tadpoles evolving into human beings today?

    The Divine #3: 3 Primary colors (to create from). Sun: 3 diff rays. 3 Kingdoms: plant, animal, mineral. Matter: gas, liquid, solid. Forces of Nature: gravity, light, electricity. Atom: neutron, proton, electron. Matter cannot even exist without 3! For such "creation," I believe there is a creator: Father, Son, (Jesus = God in the flesh) Spirit.

    From Google Search:
    Everyone's skin grows in a slightly different environment. That's why it's so unlikely anyone has the same fingerprints as you – about a 1 in 64 billion chance. –

    4 different seasons; night and day, sun during the day, moon and stars at night. We have the ability to heal, reproduce, have emotions. No two fingerprints are alike. Creatures can breathe underwater. Most birds can fly. From the tiniest ant to the tallest mountain, things are made. It takes more faith to prove God doesn’t exist than there is to prove he doesn’t. Burden of proof is on the former. He is a Creator w/ order.

    So, He is real. What must happen? He sent His Son on earth nearly 2,000 years ago.

    Follow His teachings (New Testament Bible) and receive eternal life. Acts 2:38 (Repent and be baptized for forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.) Go go to heaven my friends.

  12. She's absolutely right about there being no comparison.

    Her friend showed her pictures of people who she claimed waited in line all day? And she also claimed there were only 2 machines set up in some places?

    All we had was a plethora of videos and 1000's of sworn witness affidavits (under penalty of perjury) that show them denying any/all reasonable access to Republican poll watchers, shutting them out & boarding up all the windows, pretending to shut everything down for the night so that everyone would leave…and then continued to count ballots through the night without any honest people there to call them on their cheating…

  13. Just cuz he conceded it made a difference. LOL. That's President Trump's constitutional right not to concede.. and if there were objections that took States boats away below 270 it returns to the House of Representatives. So why in the hell would President Trump or anyone of his supporters want to disrupt that???

  14. Those would be matters for that States legislation. Not the proceedings of January 6th.that's why a member of the house and a member of the Senate both have to object to a state to be able to debate the objections if an agreement can't be reachedthat states votes or held once enough States boats or hell'd you lose 270 then a whole nother process happens.

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