Filmmaker Josh Fox responds to Michael Moore on bombshell climate film

Filmmaker Josh Fox responds to Michael Moore on bombshell climate film

Oscar Nominated Filmmaker and Environmental Activist Josh Fox responds to Michael Moore’s, ‘Planet of the Humans.’ He argues why he believes Moore misled the public on recent developments in renewable energy from the perspective of the scientific community for the sake of sensationalism.

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  1. Where is Josh Fox's contribution to awareness? I prefer the harsh TRUTH than a comforting lie. Capitalism is just taking advantage of climate change, that is what it does. Why eco detergents are strangely more expensive than regular ones? same with everything else, and mining and big industries are still involved in its production / distribution.

  2. He's misquoting the film terribly here to make it sound like the film is outdated and all wrong, this is what happens when you only invite one side to the argument, the truth gets lost by agenda… Get Michael on and this guy and have it debated… He seemed against a debate though … I wonder why lol

  3. Can we get a scientist/mathematician to break this down by numbers? For example, Moore's film claims CO2 emissions to produce solar panels, wind farms, etc. However, it doesn't state the C02 emissions saved once the solar panels are in use. So if it takes hypothetically 1 ton of CO2 to make 1 solar panel (full supply chain, mining of coal/quarts, other materials, transportation, etc) and then it eliminates 5 tons of CO2 from what would have been generated from burning coal/natural gas for the same KWh production of electicity…then there is an overall reduction in CO2 for energy.

  4. as someone who has used solar panels for almost 20 years I can say the technology hasn't changed that much . this guy is clearly spouting off with no practical knowledge . anything is possible if you don't know what you're talking about . its not about marginal gains in efficiency its about intermittency . electrical generation has to be matched to electrical demand , which is not possible with solar or wind , which needs to regulate demand first to match intermittent generation . rooftop solar is a good idea tho the necessary batteries are still wicked expensive , but grid scale renewables are highly problematic

  5. Josh Fox I thought you young bulls of the green New deal I thought the young are open to discussion the honest talk and communication does it sound to me like you are you just shut down the conversation who's got you in their back pocket sounds to me like you're the same old story you scare me if you're the future

  6. What a bull…, go to school and learn how energy is made from the start to the end, solar panels don't come from thin air, neither eolic wind mills… it needs lots of resources and space to make what petrol does with few square meter…. the only viable energy 100% is nuclear and in making fusion reactors… At least geotermal and hidrotermals can make better use of energy than solar or wind..

  7. What a lunitic. It's just unbelievable! WAY TOO MANY people doing them. Population control is the only way. Today in America…..According to U.N numbers in 2051 30 years from now population in the U.S will increase by 47.7 million. Days in 30 years…30 x 365.25 = 10,957.5. so that's 4253 new people…….each and every single day. Yet think of the lifes you'll save in health care costs if we just stop using oil. What!!!!!!!!! Of course people would be able to feed themselves…..this guy is just nuts….his film was torn apart for OUTRAGOUS claims…..just ridiculous

  8. Thank you to Rising interviewers correcting Josh Fox about misquoting the film. Josh Fox rambled hysterically repeating misinformation about "population control" which was NOT hinted at as a solution in the film. The whole film is about consumption. The interviewers repeatedly tried to correct Josh and in the end Krystal Ball was finally able to wrestle it out of Josh that he too was against consumption and consumer capitalism. The gemstone of the film is revealing how billionaires are steering their investments to keep their values in place = consume the earth through mining and logging to build solar panels and wind mills that have a shelf life shorter than a generation of humans! The pandemic demonstrated that when humans choose to reduce consumption to save their life, they can choose to reduce their consumption to save the planet much better than acres of windmills and solar panels!

  9. Apparently we have been in a climate emergency for the past 50 years, these same people telling us that sea levels would rise so much that the coastline would be 20 to 50 kilometres inland…. still waiting. On that though, this guy and his ignorant, lying friends should take a look at the history of the planet. How the changing tilt of the earth’s axis as well as the ever changing distance and movement around the sun has dramatic effects on the earths climate. Not to mention volcanic activity etc. so if we went back in time and saw that places which were previously covered in forest changed to desert or areas like the Mediterranean which was very different prior to the zanclean flood or perhaps even going back a few hundred years when flooding and crop failure was blamed on witches (who happened to be innocent people not witches) who were burned alive or even to the 6th century a.d. or even prior to the ancient civilisations which all came to an end around the same time. Funny that the last mentioned has a historic record from the Egyptians, Sumerians and others. I wonder if the people alive at the time also came to the conclusion that they need a green new deal, and fraudsters like this man trying to sell them a lie.

  10. I wonder how much the guy has invested in the green new deal and anything else in relation to the agenda he is pushing. Also has he spent anytime in the field doing actual research with many different scientists….I must admit it doesn’t sound like it (the fact that he mentioned Greta should be a red flag). It tends to be people who have a considerable amount of scepticism about opinions (theirs or someone else’s) looking for ways to first determine every possible way they could be wrong before they make a conclusion. This guy seems to have all the answers. As the saying goes “A wise man doubts often and his views are changeable. A fool is constant in his opinions, and doubts nothing, because he knows everything, except his own ignorance”. Proverbs states “but answer a fool according to his folly, lest he appear to be wise to himself“. I imagine it very likely that his real motives will be revealed by looking at his investments.

  11. The "community" are just bureaucrats that just parrot what they read and get paid for publishing reports that support the viewpoints of those paying their salaries. Your first question to this film maker should have been, "Show me to Solar Panels". Like every other commentor they don't have any and they don't know a watt from a volt. They just read from the script that the "community" feeds them. I work in the field and have been installing solar since 1980's. The whole green movement is 90% fraud intentional or like this guy just brainwashed into ignorance.

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