FIERY: Sen. Josh Hawley SLAMS "modern-day robber barons" Zuckerberg, Dorsey

FIERY: Sen. Josh Hawley SLAMS "modern-day robber barons" Zuckerberg, Dorsey

Sen. Josh Hawley railed against tech giants Facebook and Twitter, calling the CEO’s “modern day robber barons” during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

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  1. Which is a violation of our first and fourth amendments. Not to mention by the FEC rules and regulations there are rules on how civil servants are to act , behave according to guidelines. Which are violations of our civil and constitutional rights.

  2. Does messenger trigger an audit?! Ummmm will u commit to a list, uhhh uhhhh “follow up is just like circle back” basically ummm how can I pay someone off to get out of this NOT IN PUBLIC!

  3. We we let me be clear!!!!🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
    Be very clear🤦🤦🤦🤦YES or No!! I am … Peers… I I I I I some level…. Follow up on….. Will you????? Give the list!!!
    Give the list. Give the log!!! Um um! You know about this come on 👨!! You know it is doing on all this. You are 100% lying! Someone from Facebook come forward! Follow up on all your BS!!!!

  4. This sucks berg is lying. Government should close Facebook and Twitter for violating the Free speech in our government.
    Our government should passed a law to protect our Free speech and Censhorship.
    He’s lying he already know this ass Dorsey. Close both of them down.

  5. This is how I got to know Sir Hawley! He was brilliant and my God! He squeezed them to tell the truth,! But rich as they were! Liars! I love Sen Hawley! Rich tech,,! Simple!

  6. They should tie Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to a cart let them haul dung to farms. Those vote and send these type pf idiots to congress must be ashamed of themselves for being Party sheep.

  7. Hawley looking like an idiot trying to feel important. No shit those programs exist and no shit it was already obvious. Thanks for uncovering the "task" system.

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