Experts warn of red or blue "mirage" in early election night results

Experts warn of red or blue "mirage" in early election night results

Voting experts are warning people to be aware of a red or blue mirage in early results as they could be misleading than the final outcome. According to a top Democratic data and analytics firm, Hawkfish, President Trump would see an early lead in some key battleground states, but it will slowly narrow as more mail-in ballots are counted. The agency’s CEO, Josh Mendelsohn, calls it a “red mirage” and joins CBSN to discuss what states could experience such a scenario.


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  1. I read on a government website that the electoral college does NOT cast their votes until after all states have signed off on the state results. Tha the electoral college vote is somewhere around December 14th each election year.
    Is this true?

  2. Can anyone answer me a question? With all of the polls, comments and fake news media showing and representing a Biden victory, then why are so many agencies, businesses and the like boarding up and erecting barriers across the country in lieu of Biden's victory? If I'm not mistaken it wasn't the Trump supporters lawlessly burning and looting our country for the last 7 to 8 months.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  3. Trump and his MAGA groupies keep saying they're going to win. Maybe they will. But Trump insisted they would win the mid-terms, never stopped saying it. Afterwards, we got excuses and rationalisations.


  5. Democrats must realize they are not voting for Biden as President, they
    are voting for the hidden people in power who are controlling him. Biden
    will ruin the country.

  6. Biden is so bad.He wants to raise taxes, defund the police, is corrupt,
    he tells black people to vote for him or they are not black. He wants to keep America locked down etc

  7. The Biden Party's Democratic Manifesto:
    1- The official news outlet is the MSM.
    2 – Big Tech will filter and edit all news commentary.
    3 – The Party's official Doctor handling Coronavirus is Dr. Fauci.
    4 – The 15 Justices of our Supreme Court are the final Judges regarding All legal matters.
    5 – The right to bear arms has been rescinded. Only Official Party Members can have Armed Security Personnel.
    6 – All private healthcare plans are invalid. All citizens must have public healthcare.
    7 – All Hospital's have to provide Abortion up until the Ninth Month.
    8 – All charter schools are banned. Religious schools are required to have their curriculum approved by the Party.
    9 – The Party will decide when and if Churches can open, and what capacity they will operate at.
    10 – The Party will decide when and if Schools can open, and what capacity they will operate at.
    11 – The Party will decide when and if Restaurants can open, and what capacity they will operate at.
    12 – The Party will decide when and if Theaters can open, and what capacity they will operate at.
    13 – The Party will decide when and if Sports Stadiums can open, and what capacity they will operate at.
    14 – The Party will decide …

  8. so let me see if i got this… a Red Mirage is when Trump gets the votes needed on election day, but as then over the next few days more waves of biden votes are going to start coming in.??? why is this guy being so honest on the air like this. Why is he literally telling us how they have the election rigged???

  9. The only way early results can give a false impression is if people are too dumb to understand the meaning of "PROJECTED WINNER" on the tv screen from bs sources. The only thing that matters in this democracy is that every single eligible vote gets counted and applied to our democracy going forward, and it always takes more than a few days to accurately count. The only reason that ANYONE IN THEY'RE RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO DISQUALIFY ANY VOTES IS IF THEY KNOW THEY'RE NOT ABLE TO WIN. Duh, ya fvkkin morons.

  10. Regardless of how this election turns out today – We Must Always Remember How the MAINSTREAM MEDIA BETRAYED THE TRUST of the AMERICAN PEOPLE when we needed them most. They kept us in the dark about Joe Biden likely being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. It does explain why he was a lone voice praising China while Biden's trade deals were sending Millions of American manufacturing jobs to China. It also explains why he would not have shut down travel from China during the virus, a decision which could have cost millions of American lives.
    Please God, give our people the Wisdom and Strength to understand what is at stake so that we may save this Christian Nation, the light of the world. Please allow us the ability to use our free will to delay end times for as long as possible so we have more time to save more souls by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior assuring their eternities and building Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ Name I Pray this prayer Lord. Amen. May God Bless & Keep You.

  11. Customs and Border Protection just celebrated 400 miles of the wall! We want people to come in legally. Every country has a border, including the U.S. Why? So the country can plan resources such as housing, welfare, food stamps, healthcare, etc. So we can stop drug trafficking. To ensure that immigrants get all the benefits of freedom.

    Here's a video of the ceremony

  12. good grief, don't worry, Trump's victory is only a mirage. This is BS!!! We've never not known the winner on election night. This is a bs situation the democrats are trying to bake into th election for the first time ever this year, so they can CHEAT!

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