Elizabeth Warren vs Donald Trump Based on 2020 Election Polls

Elizabeth Warren vs Donald Trump Based on 2020 Election Polls

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  1. Anyone who hasn't lived under a rock would know that most of the Rustbelt wouldn't go to the Democrats. Would an industry-loving area want to instantly quit most of their income for a green-new deal?
    Edit: Rustbelt could also be tossup in my opinion, due to some areas trending blue.

  2. Wow, Elizabeth Warren our first Native American President & true Commander in Chief. Hillary couldn’t get Latino votes, but Chief Warren will get the Cherokee!

  3. It all comes down to the rust belt. It doesn't matter which democratic candidate you put against Trump, they will most likely win in the states you just mentioned.

  4. I can remember when the fake news polls were saying, Hillary Clinton had over a 90% chance of winning… and that was said on Election Day. It's obvious, this video is put out by another over-zealous leftist.

  5. Why do you waste your time preparing an analysis based on crap. The polls weren't even close to right in 2016 I can't remember the last time they were even within a five points of being correct

    Too many Primary candidtes for too long will split/soften the Party before the General Election. ALL single digit candidates should drop out now. BERNIE & WARREN should also drop out soon as possible after Early STATE Loses.

  7. I always wish these polls were more widely made available. I especially wonder if they are party specific. I am a Republican but I am seriously thinking about electing a Democrat for President. Problem is, I have no control over who ends up opposing Trump. If one of the right candidates, for me, gets picked, he will get my vote. Otherwise, I will stick to Trump.

  8. Love your videos and they've definitely been a great resource for me to hyperfixate on during my bouts of all-too-early election anxiety. Once bit of feedback though, just on a technical level, the sound on your vidoes seems to be consistently low- with my computer's volume all the way up I still find myself straining to hear you and relying on YouTube's closed captioning

  9. Lol Warren has no chance to beat Trump. Pocahontas is a joke. Plus a big socialist that's wants to give medicare to all illegals. She is for open borders and the green deal. Theses polls mean nothing they are skewed and can't be trusted. How did they work in 2016. Remember Trump was supposed to lose to Hillary in a landslide. Polls show America doesn't want socialism, but they also show Trump losing to any of the socialists Dems. Ain't going to happen Trump will trump socialism. Trump 2020.

  10. I would really like to see a debate between them it would be interesting to see who would win cause you know she will be called Pocahontas all day long

  11. Nice video but trump ain’t loosing the rust belt and Pennsylvania due to warren’s stand on the economic front. Love it or hate it, coal is a essential part of the Pennsylvanian economy as well natural gas. So if warren wins, if she in the first place, we’re looking almost the destruction of a huge chunk of the economy of a single state. Also, if trump simply goes to the rust belt and say:” if she wins, you, blue color workers, will be out of jobs” and it’s true. If during the Obama years, we saw our economy suffer due to a huge collapse due to the home crisis, just imagine the outcome of the country shifting to a environmentally-safe economy, that would put millions of workers out of work because according to the dems, car emissions cause pollution and Detroit is considered the “car manufacturer capitol of the world” so just imagine how the “green new deal” will go to those people. I agree that young voters may be energized by her ideas, but ideas don’t pay bills do they? So I my opinion, if Democrats win the house in 2020, it may be the beginning of economic downturn even worse than the Great Depression

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