Elizabeth Warren vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Elizabeth Warren vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

In the 2020 Presidential Election, could Elizabeth Warren win against an unpopular incumbent?

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  1. Here's what I think about all of this. Warren does have the progressive populist message the same way Sanders did in 2016. But she's also the bridge between the progresives and the democratic establishment. The sameway Trump was the bridge between the Nationalist right and the conservative right. That was his coaltion. Warren would struggle with Minority voters particularly with african American and hispanic voters. that's where a VP who can bring in those voters would have to come in. I would suggest someone like NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio him being married to an african american women with mixed kids could attract the african American vote in states like Ohio,Michigan,Wisconsin,North Carolina, etc. In record numbers like Obama did. Also him being a son of an immigrant parent who speaks fluent italian and Spanish would attract hispanic voters especially in important states like Florida,Texas,Arizona,Colorado,Nevada, etc. Trumps approval rating is getting more worst than each day that goes by. He also has emboldened many people to vote against the GOP altogether. a coaltion of Millienial,women,african american,hispanic voters, and other minority groups would help Warren win. Plus I think america will finally want a female president. Even though it's still very early we still have the 2018 senate and house midterm elections and other governor races. It will be very intresting to see how all of this all plays out.

  2. I think that would be interesting to see Theasa May the UK prime minister put in a scenario of a US election. Obviously she couldnt even run but it would be an interesting video.

  3. Trump won the states of PA, WI, MI AND FL because of Comey letter to congress. Hillary would of won those states if the letter to congress was never sent and would be POTUS right now. Democrats could nominate a Truck and it would get to 274 electoral votes, he is not getting re-elected.

  4. Anyone can win against Warren, she is even not that popular in Massachusetts. Mostly because instead of campaigning in Massachusetts and listening to the people she is traveling around the nation campaigning for other candidates and pushing the left wing narrative.

  5. -Trump vs Clinton 2020 (Alternate History *With Hillary as incumbent*)
    -Nixon vs JFK (Alternate-If Nixon wasn't hospitalized and ill thru the campaign)

  6. What's interesting is that this map is the best way for Dems to win – even in this scenario they could comfortably lose Maine's 2nd congressional district including a smaller state like Nevada or NH.

  7. Based on the approval rating polls, this is pretty accurate. However, this past election cycle has shown that the current polling system is in dire need of an update.

  8. Warren would not win. Don't trust the approval ratings. That's not just me saying this or being bias, the predictions in 2016 were wrong and there is no reason to believe that they are correct now. His economic policy is yet to fully kick in and there is a stigma following him into his presidency. His economic prosperity as well as the tax cuts (which do help middle class people, who are the ones that mainly vote) will be the big thing that gives him the leverage in the next election. If the economy stays good, and North Korea is handled well then trump can win 2020. Warren is seen as an establishment candidate like Hillary so won't have much support especially in a divided Democratic Party. Yes, there are divisions in the rep party but the reps are better at coming together than the dems. If the dems are to win 2020, then they will most likely need a Latino candidate, or at least a Latino VP running mate, to get people to vote for something new.

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