Elizabeth Warren vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Elizabeth Warren vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

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  1. Nothing against you, but these predictions are clearly biased. You've only had Trump win one of these, which was if he keeps his promises. You've had Trump lose against people I've never heard of my entire life. Face the facts that either Trump will win re-election, or that it will be a closer race. Florida and NC will easily go to Trump, so all Trump would really need was MI or PE, which hes most likely going to win MI. Basing it on the approval rating means nothing, look at the polls, the silent Trump supporters that won him the election in 2016, and look at the other candidate and the things they've been doing.

  2. No way Trump loses. He has too much money and the economy is through the roof. Your way off around the Great Lakes for sure. He’s brought too many jobs back. The white working class male will vote him in again.

  3. Don’t sugar coat it. That’s the main reason Clinton lost. 95% of media said it was game over, which discouraged many people from voting. Give us the truth, and not some propaganda which gives the Orange another 4 years.

  4. Idk that Warren is as close to being a strong candidate as you assume. Recent polling has her losing Florida by 9 n Georgia by 14 worst of four main candidates in both states, winning Michigan by 2 (Biden wins by 7 Bloomberg by 6 Sanders by 4) losing to Trump in Virginia n Wisconsin (Biden wins both states), not being competitive in Texas (Biden is), etc. She could claim victory the way you outline, but it's a very narrow path, it's inconsistent with polling and far more difficult than road other candidates could take. I can see an argument that a candidate could appeal to a certain group or region (say Klobuchar in mid west, Biden in Pennsylvania, Bernie with working class whites) and thus do better than polling but you don't explain why you think Warren will do better than polls in such a diverse array of states.

  5. I don’t understand the rationality that any one other than Biden would even have a shot at the Presidency. I go to a fairly liberal university (southern Illinois) and not a single democrat I know believes trump is going to lose. Let’s all be realistic… trump will likely win somewhere in the range of 290-350 depending on the candidate and how he handles the months leading up to the election. I am an independent, and can see that the more far left the candidate goes the more likely trump will be closer to the mid 300s. God Bless the USA our president and the people of Iran being affected by their radical Islamic terrorist regime.

  6. You miss a major point in every one of your recent predictions: The Economy…Regardless of anyone's political views, we all must admit that there is a portion of the electorate that votes their pocket book. If times are good, their 401Ks are up, they have a good job, they are getting raises, they will vote the status quo. Everyone who hates trump and thinks everything he says is so offensive doesn't understand this. A VAST MAJORITY of Americans DO NOT CARE about feelings. They have a job. They have a family. They have a mortgage. They want wealth. They don't care what Trump said about Mexicans. They don't care what he said about Muslims. They care about their families physical and financial safety, and Trump is killing it in those areas. He will get those votes easily, under the assumption that there isn't a recession in the next few months (there won't be). You are obviously very smart, especially for your age. And you do an awesome job of analyzing the candidates. But you ignore major issues like this. Regardless of how you may think Warren can appeal to the rust-belt, Trump has delivered on a majority of his promises. The people in the rust belt are quite simple. They don't have some bitter anger for Trump. They literally just wanted him to somehow help them, because they felt stuck. They aren't snowflakes that get offended by everything. They are white, working class Americans who want to make a decent living and enjoy a simple life. Trump is offering a continuation of that, far left candidates offer policies that will lead to a recession.

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