Elizabeth Warren vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Elizabeth Warren vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

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  1. All Trump would have to do is at the first debate, walk onstage and when he's supposed to shake her hand, give her an Ancestry DNA test kit instead. Game over.

  2. You're so wrong about Nevada and North Carolina. The Hispanic population in North Carolina is close to 1 million and growing. I can't believe many would be voting for racist Trump. And any state that went for Hillary in 2016 would certainly go for Warren in 2020, so she definitely gets Nevada. Maine will be all blue. I also think Texas is in play, and Georgia. No way Wisconsin goes to Trump. I would have it 286-252 for Warren.

  3. Biden or Sanders would win. Warren or Harris wouldnt, the democrats should go with people who can appeal to white working class voters especially in the rustbelt and they shouldn't go with identity politics candidates like Warren or Clinton.

  4. Mark Zuckerberg is a potential candidate? Jesus, the left loves to b** about Donald Trump but Zuckerberg would be 10 times worse than Trump. The guy truly is a piece of s***.

  5. Warren would lose a LOT more then you think. I actually live in Massachusetts and because Massachusetts is soooo liberal that they'd vote for any democrat over a republican. The truth is. Warren was the WORST debater ever. She sounded like a school student mumbling over her words and not being able to defend herself good. On a bigger stage she'd fail big time.

  6. What? Biden can get people to come out and vote? How many Presidential elections has he won? He's run for President how many times? And how did he do? The definition of victory for Elizabeth Warren is not winning the Presidency. It is achieving results. To paraphrase the words of John Wooden, Never confuse activity with real accomplishments. Elizabeth Warren's definition of victory is advancing the health and prosperity of working people and the middle class. It is equitable income equality rather than concentrating wealth in the hands of a few oligarchs. It is a prosperous middle class. It is eliminating systems rigged for cronyism. If she could achieve prosperity and equity without becoming President, there is no more success that she would ever need. There are greater things than just being elected President. To paraphrase the eloquent Beryl Markham: if a person has any greatness in them, it comes to light, not in the one flamboyant hour of winning the Presidency, but in the ledger of their daily work. She is not a politician calculating every word to win the Presidency, she is that rare and noble human being who seeks the greater good, who seeks the greatest good for the greatest number driven by the highest ideals of selfless public service.

  7. Curious that I've seen you give Wisconsin to trump in several videos. It's historically voted democrat since 1988 other than 2016. Not to say it will necessarily continue voting that way but it's not generally a red state, though we do have a republican governor.

  8. I see a lot of people giving there two cents about PA. There is absolutely no way Trump could win here again when he barely squeaked it out last time. Think a lot of people are making the mistake that PA is leaning red because of how gerrymandered the state is.

  9. Warren would crush trump, Bernie would crush trump, Joe Biden would crush trump. If it were Heidi Heitkamp or Cory Booker vs Trump it would be a race but I still think they'd win. If it were Hillary Clinton vs Trump or Tim Kaine vs Trump. Then I think Trump could win

  10. Gun control will definitely bring out Red voters, what are you talking about. People who normally don’t vote are gunna come out to preserve their rights, radical activist from the left are already voting blue as it is

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