Election Results Protest: Voter Protection Alliance calls for independent audit of polls (15-12-20)

Election Results Protest: Voter Protection Alliance calls for independent audit of polls (15-12-20)

Election Results Protest: Voter Protection Alliance calls for independent audit of polls – The Pulse on JoyNews (15-12-20)



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  1. This guy is insane . If there is any problem in the election just go to court and this is what the constitution demands . If you have taken money from The NDC then you are making empty noise .

  2. If the results are declared for everybody to know then it's obvious that meaningful Ghanaians including the media had the same as the EC.
    Masa, you been paid to come and waste our time. Masa, you're working for NDC. Accept it and stop the child's play with our minds.

  3. I guess they are in love with npp untill they start showing bias reporting against npp, then all of a sudden ndc will like them. Hypocrisy in Ghana is a disease!

  4. Honestly, I like & respect G.A.A But it annoys me when every conversation needs to be in the lenses of NPP & NDC by most media, even when people raising the issues clearly don't want that.

  5. Why are is the media so quiet about the unpardonable errors in the computations of EC.?. Are they not aware that should EC use the correct figures we would have gone for a second round? .

  6. Ghanaians arise and seek an audit of elections. The only thing the people have to put the politicians in check is our election or to say our votes. If we allow the people at the top to mess up our votes, there will come a time when our votes will not matter to them neither will our voice mean anything anymore. We will lose our nation to wicked politicians be it NDC or NPP. We will be like trash to them. The media will always be in bed with those that pay them high. To the media its a business and Money. They will spew lies to enrich themselves. Please patriotic Ghanaians rise up.

  7. Biased newscaster. They dont love the nation, they see through party lenses. When will Ghanaians wash party colours off their eyes and see clearly how the parties are wasting our nation and hold them accountable?

  8. So it’s safe to say that the man is NDC as well. Let journalists do their job. The goal of the journalist is to challenge any views brought to the table to assess its credibility and strength. She can’t do that if she takes sides. All of you people are NDC. It’s a political issue!

  9. Ignorant and tribalism. Stupid minds that care less about the democracy of the nation. Don’t you know the errors EC made is an affront to the nation? Put your tribalism behind you and put Ghana first! Think about the errors made by a whole institution like EC and the apology the EC boss made in public. In fact! The EC boss is incompetent and was put in that position because of her cousin Rebecca( First Lady). This tells us that family and friends government is not helpful. Lol🤣🤣🤣

  10. Please on what basis did you arrive at these discrepancies ? Provide figures to the contrary to what was declared at the pooling stations and let's scrutinize both , also if you cannot add up your personal figures , pay an audit firm to do it for you. It shouldn't be at the cost of the state since the EC was tasked to do that, if you think theirs is false, let's see your contrary figures and we can start from there.

  11. all over the world,first places political parties go to is court and not court of public opinion and Not continues DEMO,Demonstration is fine but question is how long NDC

  12. Dump NDC footsoldiers reason. There's no.law provision under the electoral laws for forensic audit unless it is ordered by the supreme court, so the NDC should just go to court. The EC had no power to appoint the auditor neither is the president.

  13. How many Supreme Court Judges did Akuffo Addo appoint in just 4 years? Why’s Akuffo Addo’s New Judges selected for the election petition instead of senior Judges? Where are the senior Judges before Akuffo Addo’s Appointees? USA of over 350 million population has 9 Supreme Court Judges but Akuffo-Addo has turned the Ghanaian Supreme Court into super-market for power-grab.

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