ELECTION RESULTS CHALLENGE: President Trump announces news conference by lawyers

ELECTION RESULTS CHALLENGE: President Trump announces news conference by lawyers

In a tweet on Thursday morning, Trump said, “Important News Conference today by lawyers on a very clear and viable path to victory. Pieces are very nicely falling into place. RNC at 12:00 P.M.”

Trump has refused to accept the results of the election that delivered victory for President Elect Joe Biden.


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  1. Obviously it´s impossible for Trump supporters to believe the truth: 1) Trump lost 232 vs 306 e.v. & got 6 million votes less than Biden. 2) There was no relevant election fraud. Thousands of experts & investigators in the last 17 days intensively searched for alleged election fraud. But not a single significant case of election fraud has been found!
    Because there is no concrete evidence for election fraud, Trump& Giuliani have already lost all 20+ fraud lawsuits!

  2. A combination of electronic and mailing in box fraud. A communism threat to our country! A disgrace to have a potential election fraud results to be certified.

  3. OOOPS!

    whose counting the ballots still? Democrats? huh, I thought those things were supposed to be transparent and neutral, not counted by one of the candidate's parties :/

  4. Your stats on Biden are biased garbage. Not a single mention of fraud anywhere, yet you continue to push the "clear" Biden win narrative. Your news coverage is nothing more than propaganda and the citizens of this country see it.

  5. This is quite a debate right now. For the ones who say there is overwhelming evidence of fraud, I would have to say well, maybe but not quite yet. If there is such evidence it needs to come out at just the right time which better be soon. The clock is ticking. For the ones who say there is absolutely no evidence, I'd have to say it needs to be much stronger but who knows, people are accepting that men can be women and there is no evidence of that either. It's a funny/not so funny world.

  6. Trump was screaming " voter fraud" back in 2015 , but won the election and didn’t reject the result .Even then he was still whinging that he won the popular vote but was cheated. Now he has this self-absorbed view of himself and doesn't accept that, Americans have rejected him after 4 years of abject failure, deceit and ignorance.

  7. The manual count and audit of the votes cast in Georgia for the 2020 elections have vindicated the vote counting software.

    Biden is still leading in Georgia according the the results of the manual count and audit.

    The physical ballots are read-only to the software.
    The software cannot change the physical ballots. It does not matter how many votes the vote counting application may have "flipped" as the software cannot change the physical ballots.

    The physical ballots have now been manually counted and the totals have not deviated significantly from the earlier reported totals.

  8. So I hope everybody heard that lady say that Biden was ahead because the Democrats are counting the votes the Democrats are counting the votes listen to what this woman just said

  9. That's on news now share this the Democrats are counting the votes how crooked is that share it let everyone see this show the Republicans maybe their attorneys will get this feedback but she did say Democrats are counting the votes

  10. This election is such fraud our govt is a JOKE theres noooo way in hell that biden got more votes then any other president running 4 office biden did next to zero campaigning so how did he win? CHEATED

  11. Do Americans realize Trump has made the USA i to a joke country to the rest of the world? If you wrote this as a script for a movie it would not be accepted as it would be deemed too unbelievable, there would never be a President acting this way and the democratic process we have would not allow it to happen. I am not American but hey c'mon America we need you, you used to be the good guys with Obama

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