Election Results Are Expected to Take Longer This Year

Election Results Are Expected to Take Longer This Year

America will be glued to the TV on election night as the results of this historic election pour in, but it’s quite possible that we won’t know the winner of the election on Tuesday night. Given the record number of mail-in ballots being cast in this election, the votes may not all have been counted by the end of the night. “It’s important for the american people to know if we don’t have a result on election night that does not mean anything is wrong,” said White House journalist Rachel Scott.


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  1. Donald J. Trump will Win the election results. I trust in my Lord, God Almighty, his chosen one to continue what he has blessed Trump with to get America better than ever before. Father God I have faith in you and trust your judgement 🙏. Hallelujah to God Almighty 🙏 in Jesus mighty Name Amen 🙏

  2. You can see at the Rally for Trump, there's so many people, compared to Joe Biden's rally. but the tally says different. I believe that there's manipulation in the system, as the media. God bless America and Israel for your Glory in Jesus Mighty Name Amen 🙏

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