Election results 2020: Live coverage and results

Election results 2020: Live coverage and results

Join WUSA9 for live election coverage and analysis on the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden as ballot races in the DMV close.

Virginia election results 2020, Maryland election results 2020 and DC election results 2020 – It’s election day on Tuesday, November 3 during which President Donald Trump faces off against Joe Biden. Voters in Virginia, a battleground state, will make a crucial choice in deciding the country’s future. Maryland and Washington, D.C. also feature contested races locally.

Follow the real-time results as they come in from across the country and here in the DMV. A complete breakdown of the races and issues at hand in Loudoun County, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Fairfax County, Fauquier County, Prince William County, Frederick County, D.C., Arlington, Alexandria and more can be found here:

Election 2020 Live Updates:

Here is how election winners are projected :

Virginia U.S. Senate election results:

A closer look at what’s on the ballot in Montgomery County:

Here is what’s on the D.C. ballot:

Here is what’s on the Maryland ballot:

Here is who is running for DC Council-At-Large:

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  1. Trump wins the electoral votes 284 whereas Biden only got 230 electoral votes. Trump wins this election. Uncounted votes should go to trash because the voting requirement for the voter has to go to the voting station on the election date to get the vote counted, not by the mailing stamp date as a mistake posted by some ignorant people.

  2. Memo to All Media Outlets DO NO TALK ABOUT STIMULUS RELIEF PACKAGE. Money is power and freedom. The Americans can have neither. They must remain in debt, suppressed, helpless, and forced to fight over the few low paying jobs available. If people get money they won't go back to work and will have all the free time to research the lies we have been telling them. Like the lie we told about building all state capitols to look like Rome in one fateful year 1888. This lie will unravel all our lies if found out. The freemasons found all the neo roman gothic architecture around the world then took off the antiqutech. Remember we are in control…NO STIMULUS PACKAGE TALK! Sincerely the masonic illuminati freemasons.

  3. how come I get more up to dat e results in Australia then I do here on the USA networks ? The election has been called you morons BIDEN wins and SPORTSBET have already paid out…………….

  4. This country is in for a big surprise if Biden is elected! Trump is not the norm for a President but he did a lot for this country. If when the democrats get in this country will go down the tubes

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