Election Night 2020 | Donald Trump vs Nancy Pelosi

Election Night 2020 | Donald Trump vs Nancy Pelosi

Please watch: “2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America”

2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America


Can the former (current if Dems win in 2018) Speaker of the House overcome an incumbent President with a 40% approval rating?



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  1. I believe that third party candidates would actually make a very strong performance in this election if they ran in an election like this since both candidates, Trump and Pelosi, are disliked nationally. Donald Trump would probably be reelected if Nancy Pelosi was the Democratic nominee, but I believe that third parties may win over five to ten percent of the vote, although their support may be consistent across the country, so it would be unlikely that they would win some electoral votes in this case…

  2. Nancy pelosi would never win the primary. Us Democrats would only select someone that could beat Trump in an election, she is not popular enough among our party that she would win the primary

  3. After the first debate, if not before, the election will be over. Nancy Pelosi is the only one who does not know she has dimentia — everyone will see as it will be on full display. It will be funny yet a sad sight to see. She will not even resign as Minority Speaker of the House. Her rambling on sounds like some drunk guy yelling out obscenities in a dark alley in the middle of the night. She needs to retire.

  4. I am not a republican, but I am an independent. I dont like Trump but I absolutely DESPISE PELOSI! Go to the retirement home lady with your bread crumbs!

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