Election Night 2020 | Donald Trump vs Al Franken

Election Night 2020 | Donald Trump vs Al Franken

Please watch: “2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America”

2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America


Welcome to the first installment of the next 3 election nights. Sorry if my voice is a little off, I’m extremely jet lagged. I’ll explain more in the comments below.

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  1. I would think Franken would win because he's progressive and doesn't have that corporate slate on him. In my opinion however I would think he would have to choose a real progressive for VP such as Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Merkley, Sherrod Brown, Tulsi Gabbard etc.

  2. President TRUMP is for us the little tax paying people and will win big big big in 2020 I just put my President TRUMP 2020 on my cars and yard sign I will never never never ever vote for another DemonRAT PERIOD.

  3. Another democRAT? Are you insane?

    After 8 destructive and horribly painful years under the idiot Barack Insane Obama, America will never accept another clown like Franken. Go ahead and nominate him… the Republicans are salivating at the prospect of carrying over 40 states. No more "progs," no more liberals, no more 'RATS.

  4. Suggestions for election predictions:
    Donald Trump vs. Julian Castro
    Donald Trump vs. Tulsi Gabbard
    Donald Trump vs. Eric Garcetti
    Donald Trump vs. John Hickenlooper
    Donald Trump vs. Amy Klobuchar
    Donald Trump vs. Deval Patrick

  5. as much as i hate trump, if he survives his first term i think he will be reelected unless the democrats can come up with a candidate who is progressive enough and is inspiring to the voters (Maybe tulsi gabbard, joe biden, bernie sanders).

  6. Sorry if my voice is kinda out of synch.. I'm extremely jet lagged. The plane was 14 hours then into another 4 hour flight, then I got 4 hours of sleep in total. I'm working on Tim Kaine vs Donald Trump, and I promise this one will be a lot better. I'm revamping this theme to look a little better. Again, thank you all for 350 subscribers! I'll hopefully see you all soon!

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