Election Expert Warns Media: Don't trust Iowa caucuses results

Election Expert Warns Media: Don't trust Iowa caucuses results

Editor of The Appeal: Political Report expands on the latest results in Iowa following a recanvass.

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  1. Democracy REQUIRES elections that the electorate accepts. They MUST be credible, and seen as honest.
    The Iowa results MAY be honest, and unbiased. BUT, many don't see it that way.
    The Iowa results are NOT credible, that is for sure.
    Honest?? I don't think anyone knows. Its honesty is not obvious or apparent.
    So, it may be rigged and stolen. It cannot be shown easily one way or the other.
    Whoever designed the Iowa system is a total idiot.
    Delegates should be assigned by statewide totals — nothing else.
    Doing it at the district or precinct level is idiotic, IMO.

  2. To me it seems like the issue was twofold. 1) Of complete incompetence from the the very idea of the app and how it was implemented and the resulting mess, and 2) of some people who tried to take advantage of that mess to push their own political agenda rather than just honestly fix what had gone wrong. In the end either out of real incompetence or dodgy motives none of the efforts to clean up the results after all this time have succeeded, which in itself is terrible. There seems to be little real will to do so, which is what really makes me angry. It really can't be that difficult after all, as the precincts still have the paper records of how the votes went. I wonder how long it would take a newspaper to call around and get all those results and calculate the various data and lay it out in a spread sheet for all to see. A day? Two days?

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