Election 2020: What has President Trump done to America? | The Economist

Election 2020: What has President Trump done to America? | The Economist

In the 2020 election, President Donald Trump will be judged on his handling of the covid-19 pandemic. But what else will be his legacy if he loses?

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  1. I think Donald Trump is the greatest president in American history and yoga people trying to make him look bad with magic and people is not buying it could we still want Donald Trump our president

  2. I loved it when Biden signed 4 peace deals with Israel, created more jobs than any other president, prison reform, peace in the Middle East, inflation under control, stable gas prices, decrease carbon emissions, becoming energy independent and on and on. Oh wait, was that Biden who did all that?

  3. Please remember President Trump did not want to shut down our economy during the pandemic. It was the Democrats and the corrupt institutions that this video says he undermined. The Democrats demonized President Trump opposing the country shut down. The Democrats wanted our economy to fail so they could blame it on his Presidency. Just say thank you for Project Warp Speed and the creation of the COVID-19 vaccine and move forward. President Trump told the world who was responsible for COVID-19 and the Democrats said he was a racist. And now what is Biden doing 100+ days into office, he is calling for a special report into China’s involvement with the origins of the virus. President Trump was right apparently. And as for Obama,he abandoned his own people during his presidency. During President Trump’s presidency people of color benefited the most under any prior administrations. Again just say thank you. And he did this fighting the Democrats trying to remove him throughout his entire time in office. The Democrats absolutely did not accomplish anything during President Trump’s time in office. They spent all their resources trying and failing to remove him.

  4. trump not only awakened and emboldened his supporters, he brainwashed them.

    My taxes went up 81 percent with trumps tax law. eff trump . . . and the republican('t)s.

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