Election 2020: what a Biden victory could mean for America | The Economist

Election 2020: what a Biden victory could mean for America | The Economist

Joe Biden currently stands a good chance of winning the presidency. He is a lifelong centrist, but could turn out to be the most ambitious Democratic president in generations. Read more here: https://econ.st/31Ammy6

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Daily chart: many Americans are ready to question the result of the presidential election: https://econ.st/3gpZjMm

How the postal service has become vital to America’s elections: https://econ.st/3a5fV9T

Would a Biden administration be softer than Trump on China? https://econ.st/2Pgbcsm

How Joe Biden might change policy towards Latin America: https://econ.st/3a8FVBd

Read our article on whether Democrats will win a Senate seat in Kansas: https://econ.st/3fnqqXk

Universal basic income is gaining momentum in America: https://econ.st/2DCDY3T

Data: the places most severely affected by covid-19 in America: https://econ.st/30nYMFl

Read our article about America’s backwards coronavirus strategy: https://econ.st/30m7bJ9


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  1. The 2nd amendment is a USA right. They try to put felony charges on using pepper spray in the similar way an officer would in defense! The local and county law enforcement in the united states is extremely bias nation wide. Civil law representation is not mandatory or truly available as needed in the united states. That failure leads to civil war and international wars because of bad and evil propaganda. They must educate more civil law attorneys that mandatorily take cases when adequate evidence is given. Weather the evidence is admissible or not they by law should be forced to take necessary actions for legal initiation for future justice. In the United States of America initiation of Justice comes last in these times and that is unacceptable. The balance of Lies heavily eschewed and perform powers and Wars is not believed by many people that the United States have the cognitive abilities to produce Justice in other countries well enough , if they cannot do that in their own country , how could they produce that for any country in the world , and they don't. That in itself must change within the United States itself for the world to have that change. When it comes to backing after Foreign Wars the people of the United States when it comes to civil law they we do not have that backing and never have. That in itself to is a global failure of the globe. To fix those issues you need me as your main leader in that endeavor because I am so highly trained in the linguistics. To fail this Call of Duty is to fail the world.

  2. war on industry, fossil fuels, gun rights, private ownership, heavy market regulations, californization of American policy, liberal mojo getting confidence, green new deal. This is already the most repulsive administration ever.

  3. Ambitious he has tanked the economy, he has increase the gas prices, he is allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to this country and now he is sending them to red communities. The unemployment rate is climbing. The man is a tool.

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