Election 2020: Trump campaign contests Michigan voting results

Election 2020: Trump campaign contests Michigan voting results

Yahoo Finance’s Jessica Smith reports on the latest news on the 2020 election.
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  1. Everybody has a interest"BBC wants Biden to win so he can support there stupid Brexit remain fight that they lost……CNN are the Democrats media……Big tech wants Biden so he can stop the trade war with China that is effecting them,a lot of Billions involved…Aljazeera wants Biden because of Iran deal…all of them don't have the interest of the America people…."it's clear for those with wisdom to see….Biden says he will be a president for all Americans but history has shown that the democrats have been a party for only the rich and the crack head followers who only support Biden because he is not Trump….so stupid of a reason to support a candidate….the mistake the Democrats made was only been a party for the rich and famous and forgetting that the rich are only maybe 30 percent…Trump reached out to the average 70 percent Americans and it is clear for all to see…..

  2. Someone explain to me why Fox's current electorial numbers is higher than everyone else. Everyone else shows Biden 253, but Fox is showing 264? Its been like that since mid morning on the 4th.

  3. This is bs THE DEMOCRATES ARE CHEATING!!! They are hiding Trumps votes and are just counting Biden’s I have proof 130,000 votes in Pennsylvania were just democratic and all at the same time they were being gounted not one was for trump I call that cheating they are frouds and Biden will destroy the world it’s will all be in his hands when we give it to him Trump is going to sew Pennsylvania for cheating because the only way Biden will win is if they cheat

  4. We are seeing a similar scenario of 2000 election – Bush vs Gore. The court rules – not the polls, not the media, not the pundits. People demand transparency of the votes. jts/ 2020

  5. People should acknowledge the count result on condition that human errors and software glitches will not happen in the next or future elections. Voting system is crucial therefore whether fraud is widespread is irrelevant because there should be zero tolerance for such errors. Bank's systems and apps handles user requests, I never see they produce discrepancy on my balance
    and other users balance.

  6. Dominion Voting Systems, the voting software used in 28 states, supposedly "glitched" in Michigan, switching 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Nancy Pelosi’s longtime Chief of Staff is a key executive of that company. Richard Bloom, Senator Feinstein’s husband, owns 60% of the company.

  7. Well, the Dems have stolen the election just like we knew they would. The governor and sec of state had to be in on it, as much as they pushed mail in ballots down our throats!!! The Dems scared us to death with fear of covid-19 and they used it to get us to fall for thier lies. They knew it would be easy to cheat if the ballots are mostly mailed in. And they did. Look at antrim county. Those machines are able to be programmed with linear diversion.bif it happened there with only 800 how many were done in detroit? By the way guess who has alot of stock in the company that makes the tabulators, nancy pelosi, and several other Dems. Well, all you collage kids wanted socialism, ( communism). Now your going to get a taste of it and it won't be what you thought. I can't believe all of you hate Trump so much, you would rather destroy the greatest nation God ever let exist.

  8. I think residents should ban together and sue their state for allowing the software dominion to be used knowing that it had problems. Texas denied the software 3 times because they knew it had so many problems. This was done on purpose. They knew the software was not safe

  9. I did a search for "michigan election results 2020" on YouTube and all I got were links from 1 week ago. I guess they'll tell me when they decide what I need to know.💩

  10. The facts are Biden is too far ahead. Yes their has been problems with this election. Some people from the Democratic party at these polling stations have engaged in dishonest means. This is a great shame as they'd have won regardless.

    Should their be a recount and closer look at all the votes, yes!

    Will it change the result, NO!

    Will it help with some unity over the next four years, Yes!

  11. Face it, people don't like Trump and they voted against him! What I find amazing is on the SAME ballot, senators were up for election and many won. Republicans took those wins on face value, yet deny the presidential vote?! On the same BALLOT! You guys are morons!

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