Election 2020 results live

Election 2020 results live

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  1. It's very sad. I think this election just shows how truly racist America really is. Everyone already knew about Texas, but all across the Midwest too? Wow. It's sad. Are people really this blind? I think the Coronavirus is loving this election too. Because if Trump wins, the Coronavirus is going to happily take thousands more lives.

  2. 🆘 I bet $100 there’s funny business going on in vote counting rooms in Georgia. Atlanta governments is run by democrats and there’s many of past democrat politicians in jail for corruption. I can’t even check my mail absentee ballot to see if it was cast the Georgia website not working and I tired 4 times.

  3. The Associated Press does not elect our officials. When is the fake votes being counted going to end. It is still happening and there is evidence of voter fraud this has to stop. Even if he did get the votes until January the 6th 2021 the votes will not be certified by congress. If its so sacred why are there so many illegal ballots.

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