Election 2020: Live realtime results for Georgia's races

Election 2020: Live realtime results for Georgia's races

Real-time 2020 Georgia election results will be posted here on November 3. The presidential race pits Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Joe Biden and Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. Georgia Senate races will also be decided. David Perdue faces Jon Ossoff and Libertarian Shane Hazel.

Full results: https://www.11alive.com/elections


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  1. How is it that Biden lived in his basement all year and been loosing his mind cant remember crap and he is running for President? And somehow their showing peoples voting for him to run our country. This is messed up.

  2. voting is just a another way of distraction and they put two people in there running against each other with different styles of dark past racism drugs pedophilia anti this country but pretending they're for it making promises they never keep select hidden evil rich families vote for different candidates for their agenda at the time don't you think if this country was for justice it would do a CORI check of every individual that ran for presidentwake up world the changes in your hands aint you tired of being in the position of deception and false information don't let the religion of naiveism ruin this planet thank you ladies and gentlemen

  3. Communists are very very deceitful and evil. Do not let Communists Democratic party cheat this election OR the whole world become a Communism China. Chinavirus was made to steal this US election to control the world.

  4. High reject rates of many Dominion Voting Machines were used to permanently alter vote tallies. Ballots rejected as unreadable were replaced by new "adjudicated" paper ballots filled out by operators who changed votes from Trump to Biden and then fed the "adjudicated" ballots back through the machines. This insured that subsequent hand and machine counts confirmed corrupt "adjudicated" results. The large number of rejected ballots, 68% in one Michigan county, which had to be manually entered, explains why it took so long to complete vote counts in many swing states and invalidates Chris Krebs claim that paper ballots insure election integrity.

    The use of adjudicated ballots should be banned from the election process because adjudicated ballots circumvent fundamental requirements of fair elections. Any election, whose results include the use of adjudicated ballots, must be thrown out. If that is done, and there is no other way to determine the winner of the election in question, the electors should be chosen by the state legislature in lieu of a possible runoff election to be held at a later date.

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