Election 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Election 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Weeks out from the 2020 presidential election, John Oliver takes a look at various efforts to destabilize the vote, how to ensure your ballot is properly counted, and why we may need to prepare not just for an election night, but for an election month.

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  1. The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  2. They pulled out allllll the stops to keep us from voting and we refused to be disenfranchised. That SoB STILL first tried to steal the election by having the courts over turn it. When that didn't work he tried to individually strong arm secretaries of state. When that didn't work he tried an armed insurrection. What do you guys think is next? Cuz he ain't done yet.

  3. It's June 5, 2021. Putin admitting to trying to rig the election. Arizona is being recount for the third time by Qanon, scanning ballets for bamboo and looking for evidence that ballots were fed to chickens before being cremated.

    Texas has voted to restrict voting rights.

    Senate Republicans dismissed an independent investigation of the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan 6

    And Sydney Powell and Trump are convinced that Trump will be reinstated to the office in August. This is after the power didn't go out at the Jan 20 inauguration which was guarded insanely well, and Trump didn't magically take over in mid March

  4. Signature matching is a bad idea for a verification method. I’ve renewed my license online 2 times. The signature (and photo) are now almost 15 years old. My handwriting and signature changed a lot from 20 to 35 years old. Not to mention, the day I originally signed the signature pad at the dmv was having issues and kept distorting my name. After the third attempt the woman behind the counter told me to just leave it as is. I sometimes wonder if every vote I’ve cast for the last decade and a half has been thrown out.

  5. amazing . schools or government buildings every every mile or two but so few with a space where people can go vote.
    must be the technical difficulties in setting up plywood blinds and tables, not to mention all those who manage to get themselves onto welfare rolls without photo ID….

  6. "I think mail-in voting is going to rig the election."
    "Unless you win."

    So here's a question – if an armed task force patrols a polling place, is that supposed to make people that are in line vote Republican, or not at all? Seems like a poor calculation – if people are already there, they are there to vote and aren't going to leave without doing so.

  7. I don't get what big deal is. You guys have your election night in November, but the job for whoever wins doesn't start until January? Isn't that the whole reason that delay is there? So votes could be counted?

  8. I imagine a lot of votes were cast for Biden right after Trump got Co-Vid, cuz why would you vote for the idiot who got the thing, that he kept saying "wasn't a big deal" I'm not going to help a guy who is half-way into being eaten by a crocodile, ima run away, you can have that guy!

  9. "when the literall definition of a nazi is someone with a gun and armbands whos job is to threaten the safety of the poles"

    that took a second, but as a polish citizen I approve XDD

  10. Pause @ 16:00. It's so funny it's not funny that Trump is such a predictable sore loser that we could imagine exactly how he'd declare himself the winner even as the vote counting continues…

    You hit the nail on the head as they say.

  11. People say this aged well, but do you remember how OBVIOUS the obvious was last year? It was such basic simple garbage you had to TRY to ignore it. He was a terrible era for this country

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