Election 2020: can the Democrats win the Senate? | The Economist

Election 2020: can the Democrats win the Senate? | The Economist

In the US 2020 election the battle to control of the Senate is almost as important as the race for the White House, because control of Congress can make or break a presidency. The Economist has created a new statistical model to predict who will win. Read more here: https://econ.st/3iTm4ch

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  1. I hate that we can't trust what they are saying. They have been lying about the polls. They say Biden is ahead, yet, no one goes to hear him speak. They say Trump is losing, yet, thousands show up to hear him speak. When you see with your eyes what is happening and all they do is tell you the opposite of what you see then you know they are lying.

  2. How much do Teachers pensions invest in @lockheedmartin bombs dropped on schoolbuses? @CALSTRS and ohio pensions funds have largest shares but cant find texas and flroida

  3. Gosh, anyone remember when the Economist was pro capitalism? Sad so many have been dumbed down by public education. Thing about models kiddo people adapt and the factors not factored in models may turn out to be more important than the factors being input..

  4. If he blocks Biden like he blocked Obama, why was it racist to block Obama which was the mainstream media’s take on it?

    Sometimes, I think the Media is as corrupt as the politicians and are all Democrats. Even the Fox guy in the debates is a Democrat, FOX the far right channel! How does this get past so many people? Goebbels propaganda and Trotsky’s politics seam to have been assumed to be the way the national media want to go…scary!

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