Dwayne Johnson vs Kanye West | 2020 Election Prediction

Dwayne Johnson vs Kanye West | 2020 Election Prediction

Can Dwayne Johnson overcome Kanye West in 2020?

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  1. I think that The Rock could flip DC (it will be too close to call throughout the night, because The Rock can have the appeal of the African-American vote), Massachusetts, New York, and California. But I think The Rock will swept every state (including DC) against Kayne.

  2. West won’t get a single democratic vote in primaries & Johnson isn’t gonna yet a single vote in Republican primaries. Rock won’t get any votes from democratic primaries either.

    One is crazy & one is just a celebrity… I like Rock a lot but no democrat is voting for a celebrity; that’s a Republican thing… plus Rock is too smart & sane for republican primary voters.

    If you wanna do realistic celebrity matchups then have someone like Leo DiCaprio or Mark Ruffalo or Jon Stewart etc on Democratic side & Clint Eastwood or his son or Ted Nugent etc on Republican side… because this is not 2000s Republican Party either… the crazy insanity of Republican base will never pick someone like Rock.

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