Donald Trump Severely Underperformed in the 2020 Election

Donald Trump Severely Underperformed in the 2020 Election

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  1. Hey! So I see your comments, and I do see where some of you guys are coming from. However, this election was the HIGHEST RAW VOTE turnout in UNITED STATES HISTORY. We have NEVER seen this many votes cast, so it was an absolute given that Trump gained more votes. However, one cannot deny (as outlined by the map) the significant loss of support for Trump in most of the battleground states (see CO, VA, NH, MN, MI, etc.) It is important to note that he, of course, gained votes in a record breaking year, but it was not enough to win the election.

    Hope this clarifies a few things 🙂 – Ethan

  2. I only have one dream. A very simple dream really. Its that we as a nation stop using latinos. Latinos are not the same in every state. Florida has Cubans and they hate all things socialism/communism. Texas latinos are Mexican, and so on. This broad stroke of appeal to latinos is harmful and fucking stupid.

  3. Somehow Trump got tens of millions of more votes yet you claim he lost support. That's some serious mental gymnastics. Democrats have been screaming voter fraud for 20 plus years and now when it is so grossly obvious you say no voter machine fraud is impossible. Trump got more supporters out in overflow on his worst campaign stop than Biden got in every campaign outing including during the primaries combined. Do you think everyone has the memory of Joe Biden.

  4. How can he have underperformed when he got Approx 12 million more in person votes than in his previous campaign 🤔, it only because Biden somehow got nearly 20 million more than the dems got last time 🤔, something just doesn’t add up, over 30 million new voters. From what heard on the news and seen in court hearings, I think a lot were called XEROX born 01/01/2020

  5. You can’t logically state that he underperformed when he got 11 million more votes than 2016. Reagan got 11 million more for his second term and won a landslide. Something isn’t right here.

  6. No he didn’t. He overperformed and got cheated. For those of you saying there’s no evidence, I would contend that there’s plenty but the media won’t show it. Did you know, for instance, the Trump campaign has 400+ sworn statements from credible witnesses? But the media never mentions that.

  7. Well, I can see I am listening to more propaganada when you say the whole country shifted to the left. The rallies never showed it, with Biden a dozen voters and Trump with 50k plus. You avoid fraud and he Dominion machines that stole the election. Fact is Trump signs were everywhere in Michigan and Wisconsin, but after midnight Biden started his crimes against America. Do you really think America wants the dismantling of America (defund police, shut down the oil industry, which affects the auto industry, higher taxes). Kamala has her training video on virtues of communism (Equality vs Equity). How nice, base your analysis off stolen votes. Get your facts straight, best economy in last 40 years, stock market doing very well. Keep the propaganada up, it makes democrats feel better, but changes nothing…..Republicans will get back what you stole. Joe Biden …..with dementia, a puppet for China, can't remember his name. No wonder Biden stayed in his basement, why rally when you have Dominion machines. Biden was the one to SEVERELY UNDERPERFORM, which is why he worked all night, blocked windows/doors, committed their steal.

  8. If only legal votes were counted, you would find that Trump overperformed and Biden got less votes than Trump. In my state alone, there is proof that over 300k votes vanished between 3am and 6 am on Nov 4.

  9. there should really by 4 impeachment presidency , andrew johnson , richard nixon, bill clinton and donald trump,since donald trump and andrew johnson are both unsuccessful so if you include trump you should include johnson

  10. Trump was already on the winning path. Had he treated this global pandemic with respect, as opposed to treating it like a joke, he'd of won in a landslide. Trump and his fringe supporters are so out of touch with the typical american, they're have a hard time recognizing how it's possible that someone as unpopular as Biden could have won.

  11. Honestly, Florida is a basket case, the Democratic Party in Florida definitely needs new leadership and better strategy, luckily Joe Biden did win without Florida, and hopefully, in 2024 depending on how well Joe Biden does, Florida can finally go back to Blue. The reason why Trump won Florida again was he was able to fearmonger the anti-communist rhetoric towards the Latino community especially coming from the countries that are deemed "socialists". Ignorance is also very high in the state but Trump did lose a significant amount of the senior vote.

  12. Oh for sure he did. Listen, from Michigan here and I voted for Trump and what from what I have seen(in the suburbs) was that Trump was going to win. Too many close margins in states he won in 2016. Also, being a Trump voter I completely realize he lost. The people spoke and he lost too many votes over the last 4 years.

  13. Alaska is a very interesting state. Since 2004, when Bush won it by a whopping 25%, it has been narrowing down pretty consistently. It went from 25% in 2004 to 21% in 2008. Then to 14% in 2012, with a slight increase to around 14.5% in 2016. In 2020, it is the closest margin for a Democrat since 1992, and that was with Ross Perot getting 28% of the vote.

    Alaska has had its gap cut in half since Bush, so maybe we’re looking at a future where Alaska becomes competitive, which while it wouldn’t be consequential in presidential elections, it would be in the Senate.

  14. I mean if you were to calculate everything, Trump only improved his margin in like 3 states. In every other state Joe Biden moved the country towards the Democratic Party.

  15. Trump did NOT underperform in thiselection. Number one, he did way better than any pole indicated he would, just like in 2016, only doubly so. Number two, he was the worst president in our nation's history. Zero significant accomplishments, oversaw what the UN ranked as the 6th worst Covid response in the world – 6th from the bottom – in the world, he retreated from the world stage (where the U.S. used to lead), and tanked the economy with his China trade war, and poor Covid response. – And, I'll go further on the economy: the Feb. 2020 issue of Forbes declared that the Obama/Biden economy was the greatest period of job increase and economic growth in our nation's history (- and they inherited a near depression!). And Trump tanked it! He bungled everything! He kowtowed to Putin and other dictators, gave secrets to Russian agents in the Oval Office, insulted and abandoned our allies, gutted the State Department (fired 20, 30, 40, year officials!), he campaigned on draining the swamp, but then put lobbyists and wealthy cronies in charge of nearly every Federal agency, the list goes on and on! – He set our country back 20, 30 years, in some instances. – He was the nightmare I feared he would be. – Underperformed?! – It should have been a landslide for Biden, an unmitigated landslide! Only the most fringe, extreme, uninformed or downright brainwashed, right-wing factions should have voted for him! – 20% of the vote, max! Instead, it was nearly half of the electorate! – He massively underperformed as a President; but, no, Trump did not underperform in this election.

  16. I think its not too fair to say this statement.
    Trump received more votes than Obama in 2008. He also received more black and especially Latino support than any Republican president in modern times.
    The reason why he won in 2016 and lost this year i would believe its because of first time voters who are overwhelmingly for Biden. Furthermore democrats who didn't vote in 2016 turned out to vote in droves.
    To say Donald Trump underperformed is too vague. He gave the republican party a blueprint on how to win elections in the future

  17. Trump did better than every poll said he would do, except for one. I'm not saying that's good, I'm not saying that's bad. I'm saying why don't you say the truth?

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