Dems PUSH Pete Buttigieg & Kamala Harris As Future Of The Party, Kamala Approval Ratings BOMB

Dems PUSH Pete Buttigieg & Kamala Harris As Future Of The Party, Kamala Approval Ratings BOMB

Team Rising reacts to reporting that Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are frontrunners to lead the Democratic party after President Joe Biden leaves office.

Pete Buttigieg image courtesy of AP Photo/Susan Walsh. Vice President Kamala Harris image courtesy of Sarahbeth Maney/The New York Times via AP, Pool.

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  1. "And though the forest was shrinking, the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that since her handle was made of wood, she was one of them!"

  2. By pushing Pete and Kamala, the overlord class is saying to the rest of us "We don't care if you are fooled by the illusion of democracy, because we don't need you anymore."

  3. Kamala was sent to the border? Technically that is true, Kamala was"close" to the border once but she never was at the actual physical border, ever. Kamala never visited Del Rio or any other of the hot spots along the Texas border nor anywhere along the border where literally thousands were gathering to cross into the US illegally. Aside from a very short visit to an office building in a part of El Paso that is nowhere near the border. My opinion on why? Kamala wanted to be able to honestly say she saw no border crisis therefore there is no border crisis. The whole border crisis is fake news.

  4. I clearly went into the wrong industry. This Colin Rogero guy is a "strategist" that just got called to share his "knowledge" on TV and said unironically "she's a good politician" "she's very likeable" If I was that wrong in my job I would be let go by EOD 🤣🤣

  5. If the supposed immigrant hating, woman hating racist Republicans will elect an immigrant who is a woman & black to the lieutenant governors office in Virginia, an executive leadership position then who exactly isn't ready?

    The democrat party has become so ridiculous. I'd so love to see Republicans elect the 1st black woman as president.
    I'd give my right arm If she's ADOS, same goes for first ADOS black man.

  6. Competent women of color have no issue unless the corrupt establishment comes after them. A strong, syccessful black woman was just elected LtGov in VA, and Dems shun her! Tulsi was very popular, across both parties, despite Dem slander & hiding pill results – and she won more delegates.

  7. kamal is not likable at all, and she was one of the most corrupt DAs i've ever heard of. Pete is a substance-less box checking exercise that pretends to ride a bike to work for "climate change" photo ops.

  8. Democratic platform is doomed to lose. Doesn’t matter what hustler tries to sell it. They need to change toward freedom and individual rights. Their thought police and authoritarian tendencies are a real turn off. Plus they don’t seem to have grasp on basic economic principles. We need sound money, not this worthless paper that is losing value.

  9. you believe that her catastrophic approval rating's is because of racism and sexism, it's just telling that you are not even able to identify the problem! And if you can't even do that… Your chance of actually solving it is pretty much non existent 🙈 Kamala is a very good politician 🤣🤣 ON HER BACK PERHAPS, given your blind!

  10. It’s hilarious to hear these democratic strategists try to gaslight people on the reasons these candidates are struggling. Although maybe they believe their own bs. Kamala’s problems are bc of misogyny and race, or that she’s really a likable person? What planet are they living on. None of this makes any sense and are probably just excuses to keep these pundits working, after their failed push of really atrocious policies by these people. It’s these very lies and excuses that continue to destroy their own party.

  11. Watch Kamala with the space kids promo, then watch The Butieg doc.. You can’t pick two worse candidates . They have zero personalities. This is the future?? Democrats must love sadomasochism

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