Delhi Election Results: Watch BJP Leaders Reacting To Delhi Defeat

Delhi Election Results: Watch BJP Leaders Reacting To Delhi Defeat

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has pulled into a unassailable lead in counting trends. The latest ECI trends indicate that the AAP passed the 60 mark in Delhi.The primary contest in the 2020 Delhi election was between the ruling Aam Aadmi Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party.
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  1. The  Aam  Aadmi  Party  has  won  on  8 February  2020  while  BJP  has  lost  in  the  election  for  Delhi  Legislative  Assembly.  Congress  Party  failed  to  garner  even  one  seat.  The  election  outcome  seems  to  suggest  that  attempts  of  BJP  to  improve  vote  share  has  not  met  with   significant  success,  the  fact  remains  that  it  may  have  to  analyze  its  defeat.  In  this  context  ,  it  may  be  apt  to  refer  readers  to  this  Vedic  astrology  writer’s  predictive  alerts  through  article –  “  Predictions  for  coming  year  2020  by  kushal  kumar”  –  published  as  early  as  on  10  October  ,  last  year  2019  at  The  predictive  alert  for  the  relevant  period  reads  like  this:-

    “ As  usual  ,  this  writer  has  significant  messages  of  predictive  alerts  to  share  with  readers  about  year  2020  in  India  as  follows.

             First  three  months  from  January  to  March  in  2020  ,  suggest  happening  on  the  ground  of  elephantine  endeavor  to  deal  with  roadblocks  in  the  path  of  growth  of  India.  But  it  seems  that  the  roadblocks  ,  being  deeply  entrenched  in  strength  ,  are  likely  to  smart  over  or  outweigh  ,  to  some  extent  or  in  some  way  ,  the  elephantine  endeavors”.  So  ,  the  predictive  alert  needs  to  be  interpreted  not  verbatim  but  implied.

  2. As Gautam Gambhir stated “ He HOPES delhi ka vikaas hoga” , Delhi was and will continue its good run under the dynamic leadership of Mr.Arvind Kejriwal , instead what Indians HOPE frm you guys (BJP leaders) is to stop blaming others and do something for INDIA.

  3. Jokers must understand that, we are not in 80’s and 90’s. Technology improved and public woke up and in 2020 they cannot win the election by keeping religion as a bench mark. My simple advice that BJP and Congress must take retirement from politics.

  4. Whole Delhi is anti-national. They are only thinking about themselves. Delhi is not Inside Indian it is in Pakistan. And it is the capital of India. Delhi Police is under MHA but MHA has nothing to do with BJP it is in Pakistan also. So Delhi is being ruled by antinationals and BJP is not able to do anything. The entire anti-national city is the capital of the nation.

  5. How this dum Gautham gambir win ? even he don't talk , He never visit his location He was a failure in cricket , I am pretty sure Because of EVM cheating He win the election , I dont think any one vote for him… He looks Idiot

  6. NOTE : " This Post is Only For Sensible People "
    🎯 AAP won 62/70 seats ~90% Delhi seats , which clearly shows 🎯
    ✔️ Not just Muslim but every religion voter supported AAP
    ✔️ Not just lower class or middle class , even Upper class supported AAP that doesn't want or get electricity,water or free bus rides
    💥 Parvesh Verma derogatory shameful statement about women ,
    🔥 Kapil Mishra provocative statement about India-Pak ,
    😇 Work done in and for Delhi by Kejriwal govt. even without police and centre support

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