David Sirota CATCHES Top Biden Aide Saying They Won't Pursue MAJOR Economic Policy

David Sirota CATCHES Top Biden Aide Saying They Won't Pursue MAJOR Economic Policy

Jacobin Editor-At-Large and former Bernie Sanders senior advisor, David Sirota, discusses his reporting, “Team Biden is signaling that it may back off the entire agenda it is campaigning on.”

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  1. It's crazy to see the democrats be so status quo that they're accidentally accelerationists. Their "safe choice" in Biden was actually the biggest risk they could take. They'll either get exactly what they want (neoliberal conservatives) or 4 more years of Trump laying the groundwork for a literal revolution.

  2. WTF are they talking about! there is NO budget!! its all fake with the FED idiots. All Joe blow needs to do is call up Mr. Powell say print off Sextillion dollars..an bam. Just like the bail outs! duh.

  3. Ok…. happily enough all voters can clearly remember how the dems fought against that irresponsible taxcut for the 1%……
    Or never go along with all those evil policies.

  4. The only way Biden's plan if austerity combined with Green New Deal would work is to slash Defense spending by 60 percent. Now Bernie would be willing to do that but not Joe Biden.

  5. Blaming trump for a bad economy and shelfs bare lol he gottem that way. Btw FDR is the biggest reason we have the socialists now, the programs used during the depression were needed but once the country came back they should have been dismissed, but greedy politicians both sides used these programs to stay on top

  6. Krystal and Sagaar thank you so much … you two provide us with such an unbiased and undistorted view of these political figures it's refreshing. Next you'll be trying to convince us that Trump isn't a racist, bigoted, self-aggrandizing fascist, and for that we can only thank you. You do us such a great service. Okay … let's be real for a moment. The two of you are an affront to decent news reporting and honest discourse. You're a disservice to the people who listen to your rhetoric.

  7. The same playbook the Democrats always give us. Oh farm the Republicans tired our hands, what can we do? Nothing like always, that's what! Here's the thing, the failure of with US, the people. We're not holding the pricks to account. Throw the bums out! Publicly funded campaigns and strict term limits! Vote Green or something else. Make the center right Dems come to the table and form a coalition.

  8. Their constituents are like parishioners in prosperity churches and the democratic party are like prosperity preachers telling them lies that nobody believe but will eagerly listen to anyway. God will not be mocked, neither should we.

  9. They have no money?! LOL The US can make money out of thin air, and then can pay it back later. the DNC just does not want to spend on the people, but Im sure they will bail out corporations with a quickness. Just like Obama did.

    I swear, they want more protests in the streets than under Trump.
    This is why voting Democrat is often like being in an abusive relationship. "Where are you gonna go?" "Who else are you gonna support?"

  10. The Democrats? Lie? Well push me over with a feather. Really? Here's the only thing you need to konw. As long as these two parties are in charge, you can guarantee that things are only going to get worse for us and more outstanding for them. Even as I'm writing this, both are working very hard together to put forth a new "stimulus",, and I"m sure with some awesome name like the "Cares" act…lol, that will transfer even more money from us, the tax payers and give it to those poor rich slobs on wall street. You can bank on it. But go ahead, tell me again taht I have to vote for one of the guys in either party because the other guys a monster. Stupid asses.

  11. Don't listen to Sirota, Krystal and Saagar. He's acting like a child.

    Adults have to promise and smile alot to children; but behind closed doors, adults have adult duties; you know, like adultery.

    Like Donald tucks Baron to bed every night whispering in his ears "Mommie's the best". After Baron sleeps, Daddy goes back to sexting Stormy.

    Like Nancy and Chuck had to join Mitch in pledging Trillions in bail-out money for corporations; THEN spend weeks debating whether to increase unemployment benefits by a couple of hundred dollars.

    Like Hillary has one stump speech for the unwashed masses during her rallies; And another speech behind closed doors, for Goldman-Sachs.

    Joe's no different. He has his finger on the pulse of the nation; and another finger up U KNOE WAT.

  12. When democrats are in office things slowly get worse. When Republicans are in office things quickly get worse. I like the quickly better, like ripping off a band aid.

  13. Joe Biden is not my first choice for a presidential candidate. I would have chosen Bernie Sanders any day of the week. .    However I have to think that he is  still  the least worst candidate !    The reason I will support his election  is for the  possibility of bringing  with him a team of people that will   produce the kind of environment  in the government of We The People that will create an on-going democracy . I hope the public and Joe's people witll pay attention to Stepanie Kelton and the economists around Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) who point out that money has always been forund for war, tax cuts and Wall Street bailouts.

  14. So, no Medicare for All, a lifting of restrictions on fossil fuel companies, and now no green energy initiatives… What exactly are Democrats hoping to get out of Biden?

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