David Dayen: Why Pelosi is TO BLAME for coronavirus economic disaster

David Dayen: Why Pelosi is TO BLAME for coronavirus economic disaster

American Prospect Executive Editor David Dayen looks at Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s legislative past and how that influences her response to the pandemic.

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  1. It is very obvious that Nancy Pelosi has been in office for too damned long. Why people in San Francisco re-elected her to Congress again doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Nancy Pelosi you have done nothing for this country including done nothing for the good of the people because you let your hate trap you into only caring about yourself. Stop telling us to calm down because you are right up there with other demon-rats, and remember YOU WORK FOR US not WE WORK FOR YOU. Also we DO NOT listen to your hate filled words about President Trump who HAS OUR LOVE AND LOYALTY.

  3. Pelosi is from San Francisco… She is very very rich…. It seems to me that there has got to be more poor an lower middle class voters in California…
    She has gotta go…
    Pelosi needs to go back to San Francisco… An never return to Washington D.C….unless invited for a tea party…

  4. Do any of the rich people give money to the government out of kindness of their hearts so that the poor less fortunate can just get by I'm disabled and I just barely get by i have no home and only pay my bills for doctors and life insurance to bury me and leave my daughter and granddaughter a little money hopefully

  5. She's hellbent on destroying small business and forcing people to resort to public assistance. Once locked into "the dole", there's little chance you'd escape. Meanwhile, she wants to drain the treasury of all its $$$ and bankrupt the country.

  6. when Pelosi in a jealous fit of rage ripped the President's speech in front of live Television, I knew, of course it cannot be proven, that she was up to something evil, selfish and already planning a revengeful agenda to ruin the fruitful economy under Trump and bring about his demise and run over anything or anyone in her way

  7. How can anyone have that much POWER? TO literally deny the american people help is criminal! It's our tax money!! She needs to answer for her crimes against a seated president and the american people!!

  8. Pelosi is a hack she cares nothing for californians just what taxes she can squeeze out of them ….but they are waking up and hearing and seeing what the demo=rats are doing to their lives, families especially their childrens futures

  9. Nancy Pelosi doesn't care what she does or tells the people because she will fool millions of people to believe it was all president Trump's fault
    Which of course not true
    The president doesn't have all the power

  10. Look up the word "corrupt" in the dictionary. There is a picture of Pelosi there. She doesn't care one thing about the country, just getting her way.

  11. Peloski motto is take it or leave it,, is on video literally standing and says to negotiate you have to know what u want and don't budge until u get your way.take it or leave it applies even with her own party , she just wants status , money and power. Control. True dem. True left.


  13. There is currently $455 Billion worth of unspent stimulus money just sitting there, at the Treasury department, while so many people are suffering and in desperate need of assistance. This money has already been approved by Congress to be spent on pandemic relief, so why can't they use this money to issue Americans a second stimulus check? Meanwhile, with all this unused money still sitting there, the folks at the old folks home (aka: Congress) are arguing back and forth, claiming they are working to pass another pandemic relief bill but can't agree on terms. One thing both sides agree on is that the people need a 2nd stimulus check so quit acting like a bunch of stubborn old goats and send out the checks with this unspent money so that Americans can stop suffering while you argue about nonsense. I guess they are just gonna let this money sit there until they find something completely ridiculous to spend it on (perhaps the Kennedy Center needs another few million dollars) or until they think people have forgotten and then go move it from one trust to another so they can steal it out from under the citizens of this country, just like they did when they stole our money from the social security trust fund. This is completely unacceptable!

  14. All Pelosi cares about is power and money. If she was so concerned about children she would have been hard at work debating with the Republicans over the stimulus money for our citizens. However. Her hatred of Trump outweighs her concern for the children. Thousands upon thousands are starving and thousands more have been evicted from their homes so they never know where their next meal is coming from. Pelosi's district is in shambles with the thousands of homeless people living on the streets and how many of those families have children? She absolutely does not care. If she did she'd walk through fire to help them. Instead she does nothing and actions speak louder than words. She'll go home to her $14,000 freezer and open a container of $40 ice cream. With her millions of dollars she could open a soup kitchen to help feed those kids instead if running her mouth and making promises she has no intentions of keeping. It will serve her right should Trump win his lawsuits and secure a second term. She'll spend another 2 years spewing hatred and ignoring her job of serving the people. She accomplished absolutely nothing her last term – earned her paycheck and spent 30 million tax payer dollars on a bogus impeachment charge against the President. That money could have gone to a better purpose (like the children she cares so much about.) The woman is detestable and a blight upon the House of Representatives.

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