CSA Election Night 2020 | Ted Cruz vs Bill Nelson

CSA Election Night 2020 | Ted Cruz vs Bill Nelson

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  1. Too many mistakes, Oklahoma would have already been as a state, even the territory of Arizona (southern Arizona and southern New Mexico) would also been already a state. Even the Northern Mexican States would now been the states. And Why there's a US President Seal? It's a CSA. And also the CSA never have a Republican Party, but it can named a different Party and different color. Also the Dixie Flag isn't the official Flag. It uses the Stars and Bars flag as an official Government flag. Just read the history CAREFULLY.

  2. Shortly after Cruz is inaugurated he is duped into a deal where he sells the CSA to China for billions. The name of the country is changed to the Chinese States of America, and the new citizens believe the propaganda which causes them to grow to love the new conservatism brought forth by the Chinese.

  3. I'd love to see more in this style, but it'd be nice if you could put your reasoning in as a stand-in for some newscaster's, a way to merge both styles into something better.

  4. Even if every POTCS finishes their single-6-year term without death/resignation, Cruz could not be the 23rd, but the 27th POTCS if elected in 2017 (Jeff Davis won in 1861, CSA’s election years were odd-numbered).

    Also, maybe add Cuba, Sonora and Chihuahua as states to get a more balanced (interesting) field, assuming they’re more liberal.

  5. If the South had won the war the democrats would have been the dominant party and probably still would be… also slavery would still be a thing so the black vote wouldn't matter(democrats were the party of slavery and still are). In regards to your scenario Cruz would win NC and Georgia.

  6. There's no way a Democrat can win here, the CSA is biased towards Republicans, add some new states like Puerto Rico or include Maryland or something to make it more fair.

  7. Oh I wish I was in the land of cottonOld times there are not forgottenLook away look away look away DixielandIn Dixies land where I was born Early on one frosty mornTO DIXIELAND HELL YEAH!!!

  8. I'm not sure, but I think the REAL Confederacy Presidential elections gave one vote to each state. An electoral college system wouldn't make sense.

    And even if the modern Confederacy DID have an EV system similar to the one used in the current (real-life) USA, why would the numbers be the same as in real life? Especially since slaves wouldn't likely have been counted as "whole persons" in the CSA census (they were "60% persons" for reapportionment purposes in the USA from 1790 to 1860).

  9. You do understand that the CSA presidential elections were to be held every SIX years, right? If the first one was held in 1861, then the nearest election years would be 2017 or 2023. This is a ridiculous video.

  10. add KY and dismiss virginia. add missouri and get rid of nawf carolina. the go to georgia and rid that place of idiot liberals as well as florida, just send all the cubans and snowbird yankees home

  11. Dude, I think you messed up a bit, the number to win has to be wrong, since there are 94+73 for the 2 candidates, for a total of 167, that would make it 84 to win, not 81.


    But I'd like to see an actual CSA simulation, the republicans won't be around….they were a northern Lincolnist party…..

    Democrats might be more conservative and you'd have another party.

  13. Free Soil Party or Whig party would be Ted Cruz , while Bill Nelson being of Old Democratic party or did political shift happen and Democrats became champions of minorities and Republicans became the party of wealth like to today.

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