Cory Booker vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Night

Cory Booker vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Night


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Re-Done with new factors together. Could Cory Booker overcome Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election?

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  1. Cory Booker has such low favorability, flip-flops like crazy, and is extremely corporate. I think and would hope Trump would beat him in a YUGE landslide, and I say that as a life-long liberal

  2. this is a fantasy projection… Cory Booker would win Pennslyvania, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Arizona, all of the West Coast and most of the East coast and would make Texas competitive

    It's clear where the childish Trump bias lies in this projection, these guys are going to look really dumb when Trump is in an orange jump suit

  3. Can you make a Jimmy Carter Vs. Donald Trump? Carter will be eligible to run in 2020, assuming he will live long enough to be around and in good health. (he will be 96 and currently he’s 93)

  4. You have got to start making these videos with a much broader picture in mind. You focus to much on polls instead of looking at the bigger picture. The economy is doing well, stock market is at an all-time high, taxes are being cut for corporations;resulting in more jobs. If you claim to lean Republican, then at least make a video explaining why Democrats win in all your video matchups.

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