CNN sounds alarm on Biden’s poor poll numbers: ‘A very bad sign’

CNN sounds alarm on Biden's poor poll numbers: 'A very bad sign'

CNN sounded the alarm on President Joe Biden’s tanking poll numbers Friday, describing them as “not good” and a “very bad sign” as they continue to trend in the wrong direction. 

During a “New Day” segment focused on Biden’s polling troubles, CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten detailed Biden’s hemorrhaging support amongst all political affiliations, but specifically pointed to his massive loss of independents as the main reason his numbers are underwater.

“President Biden’s poll numbers are, to use the technical term, not good. And for Democrats there are even more troubling numbers underneath the surface,” host John Berman said to begin the segment. “The numbers here, they tell a clear story.”

“They do tell a clear story. Again, to use the technical term, not good,” Enten said before laying out how Biden’s approval rating had dropped from 8 points positive in August to 5 points negative in October. “So essentially going in the wrong direction. Not good.”


Enten detailed how Biden had lost support from Democrats, Republicans and independents since August, but that the 19-point loss from the latter was the largest drop amongst the three.

He added that independent voters were important for Biden because they essentially were the reason he won the 2020 election, citing his massive support from independents, compared to Hillary Clinton losing the independent vote to former President Donald Trump in 2016

“Now that he is underwater with them, a very bad sign,” Enten said. 

John Berman and Harry Enten

Enten described how a large majority of voters also thought that Biden had only accomplished “some or very little” since taking office. 

“They don’t think that Joe Biden has gone to office and done very much,” he said. “If you’re not doing anything, the real way to solve that is to do something.”

Enten and Berman both suggested that Democrats being able to pass the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion spending bill would help Biden’s approval rating. 


“Doing something, passing this legislation, could boost his approval rating because it actually shows he’s doing something,” Enten said. “They’ve got to do something.”

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