Chuck Schumer vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Chuck Schumer vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

After the Government Shutdown, how would the minority leader pose against an unpopular incumbent President?

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  1. Florida is doubtful. There are a lot of Puerto Rican’s now they have been brainwashed vía Spanish TV. they will vote for anyone except trump. And it won’t matter what Trump does. They been conditioned to blame anyone but themselves for their failures.

  2. Trump is a special president. Nothing conventional about him. As a conservative, I don’t participate in polls, only come out when it’s time to vote. Apples announcement is sign to come and when people see their pensions and 401k rising 30% and take home more money from their pay check it will be hard for those people in the blue states like the rush belt will have hard time voting in a democratic president even if you don’t like trump. I live through Reagan era and economy approval rating is far more accurate than just president approval numbers, that’s a fact. if 2016 didn’t teach many Democrats and experts a lesson trump voters come strong at the voting booth (above 80%) and demos historically only show up way way less even if they hate the candidate. I have 0% Doubt Trump will win presidency. Democrats have no message and core value other than just obstruct trumps agenda. Walk around dc and Cali, no one cares about Russia. Jobs and economy talks. What’s on TV and MSM is all theater. Real life most people don’t tweet or watch YouTube. Hard working Americans work and only pay attention to what’s happening at home and work.

  3. I believe that Trump would win in a landslide over Schumer. Regardless of what people say outwardly, most do agree that we need borders and that American citizens should come before outsiders. There are certain areas of the country that won't admit it aloud but when voting, they can vote for whom they choose. If he continues to make good on his campaign promises, there are many Democrats that will vote for him as well. People like being able to take home more money and live in a safe environment. The only way any Democrat is going to stand a chance against Trump is to buck the system and by that I mean that instead of throwing up roadblocks everywhere they can, the smart Dem will work WITH Trump. Trump really doesn't care if you are black, white, Republican, Democrat, US born or naturalized, he is trying to restore America to the feeling of pride that once was the norm for US Citizens. We are tired of working hard, paying our taxes and then having corrupt politicians ignore their constituents, line their pockets and in many cases, go in a completely different direction than the people who voted them in want.

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