Chuck Rocha: Why Dems EPICALLY Failed With Latinos On Election Day

Chuck Rocha: Why Dems EPICALLY Failed With Latinos On Election Day

Fmr Bernie Sanders Senior Advisor, Chuck Rocha, shares his thoughts on the election and what we should expect going forward.

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  1. Re: blaming white people. White people are the only major demographic that actually "decides" the election. What I mean by this is that if ONLY latinos and blacks got to vote, then the Democrats would ALWAYS win. You can't have a democracy or 2 party system or whatever you want to call it where one side ALWAYS win and claim it is functional. So my argument is that only the white people are actually legitimately contributing to the process, as the white vote actually swings in response to what each party actually does and who their candidate is.

  2. The word socialism turns people off and that means lost votes across the board. I supported Bernie but the dumb terms socialism, communism and capitalism are European terms that all supported autocrats.

  3. Too many Latino men buy the toxic masculinity Trump is selling. In general going forward, we have to understand that Latino culture is a natural fit for conservatives – patriarchal, entrepreneurial, very traditionalist – maybe Republicans will be a little less racist now, that they see that they can get their share of the Latino vote…

  4. Boxing is the most popular spectator spot with Latinos, – probably more popular than the next 2, or 3 major sports combined. The difference between the Latino boxing fan , and the typical white, or black fan is that it that the Latino isn’t as concerned with whether the guy they’re rooting for wins or looses. What’s way more important to them is that he stayed in, fought his heart out, and never gave up. They hate people wimp out like the way today’s Dems never go to the mat for anything.

  5. If Biden underperformed with both Hispanics and Blacks, does that not mean that Whites must have turned out in unprecedented numbers to vote for Biden? How credible is that? Does anybody really believe this farce of a vote count? It's a coup.

    I thought Biden was just confused when he made the following remarks, but evidently he was just careless in showing his hand publicly:

    "We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of American politics." @

  6. The dems threw Bernie under the bus and tried to equate democratic socialism with communism…and then campaigned on a platform of cultural Marxism and 1984-style censorship and authoritarianism. I wonder why voters were so uninspired?

  7. It does not matter whether Dems fail with Latinos or with working class whites or with any other group. After three generations or more of "marching through the institutions," Dems now have so much power that they can determine the outcome of elections regardless of how we vote. Our votes don't matter any more. If we don't vote as we are expected to, the Dems will just stage a banana republic coup. Democracy is dead in America if we cannot guarantee free, fair, and transparent voting processes and the US government has lost both its moral and legal legitimacy.

  8. 1. Did he have to wear the stupid hat? I cannot take anyone seriously that wears that clown hat.

    2. The way he frames it as a cultural and race issue is assuming that all or most Biden supporters blame Latino voters. That is simply offensive. It's also racist. Yes. A person of color can be racist.

    3. Most Biden supporters who filed the election closely knew the small chance that he had of winning Florida.

    4. Florida is Florida. It has a very diverse population. We all know that.

    5. Just in case someone thinks I am a Biden voter, I voted Libertarian, this year. In 2016 I voted Democratic.

  9. I'm sorry, y'all. I can't listen to this anymore. As if there hasn't been enough rampant speculation on this show. It doesn't make it any better that you have Charlie Brown on here throwing blame around to latinos and whites for something that is far more nuanced than you portray. I used to play cowboys and Indians too ("Hey, look at me! I'm John Wayne!") but tell me, seriously… where'd you find this thrift store latino?

  10. The Republicans kept on spreading false propaganda to the Cubans in Florida saying that Biden was going to be a socialist or communist president. The Latinos in South Florida were duped. People have to stop listening to those lying Republicans. They're really good at fearmongering.

  11. I hope this is the last time you guys have Chuck Rocha on as some godsend for Latino outreach, considering he sold out the Latino base that loved Bernie to corporatize "Tio Bernie" with a SuperPAC funneling money between it and Jeff Weaver's SuperPAC, and kneecapped grassroots volunteers in turning out more votes than ultimately came out in CA and NH. Really hope Bernie gets better sense in 2024 than to come back with insiders like him.

  12. In a perfect world, Democrats would lose the entire Latino vote. The Democrats show no respect for Latino people. The Democrats think that American Latino people support ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION from Mexico and Central America. In other words, Democrats think that Latino people support CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR; and are therefore criminals themselves. Democrats look down on Latino people and SHOULD LOSE the entire vote.

  13. Chuck insists on banging his head against the Democratic Party wall. It is a ruling-class party with an upper-middle-class social base that depends on the two-party straitjacket to corral working people into voting for them while promising nothing. He should get out while he can.

  14. Call me crazy but what if we replace “Latino voters” with “working class voters” (Latinos are commonly in working class jobs)? Then doesn’t this all make sense? Why do we continue to think their skin color or origin of immigration makes them different (especially 3+ generation)?

  15. HAHAHAHA this stupid trying to explain something he doesn't understand.
    He reduces all to money investment what a poor opinion hahahaha.
    This moron doesn't know that spanish community doesn't trust in tv and radio news and spanish community uses alternative news. Proof of it (Dems invested over 140 millions USD more than Republicans in Florida and they LOST.
    Consequently, it is not about money investment.

  16. I hate Donald Trump, but America has destroyed Puerto Rico from the moment they got it from Spain, and then the Democratic party tried to pander to us once, the sad reality is that that very clear pander from Trump to Puerto Rico 4 weeks ago is the best thing the US has done for Puerto Rico that I can think of and that is sad

  17. While I think I trust Chuck’s analysis of the Latino vote, I’ve really lost any other trust I had for him. It’s now clear that his only real principle is the willingness to carry water for whatever campaign hires him. I’ll never be able to take any of these so-called “progressives” that went over to Biden seriously again. If you work in politics you knew damn well that the notion of Trump’s presidency being an existential crisis was a complete fiction. They’re just brand-loyal to the Democratic Party and categorically not towards actual progressive issues because they knew from the beginning Biden was never going to make any concessions to us.

    Bernie went to Biden out of cowardice because he doesn’t want to continue to be unfairly maligned for not campaigning hard enough for the anointed DNC candidate and have his legacy among idiots be that he’s somehow responsible for Trump’s victory. Everyone else that went over is a political hack looking at their own personal self-interest and their longevity being able to staff for Democratic campaigns down the road.

    As I say all the time, the real existential crisis is that there is no party in this country that is representing progressives or populists on either side of the aisle really. If you care about those kind of issues than your smart play if you ever want to see them advanced would be to definitively send a message to DNC that you won’t buy into their perennial bullshit straw-man worst-of-two-evils argument for voting for their hollow corporatist candidates.

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