Chairman of Joint Chiefs appears to send subtle message to Trump

Chairman of Joint Chiefs appears to send subtle message to Trump

“We do not take an oath to a King or queen, a tyrant or dictator. We do not take an oath to an individual. No, we do not take an oath to a country, a tribe or religion. We take an oath to the Constitution.”

At the opening of the National Museum of the United States Army, Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made clear that the military’s oath is not for a man but for the Constitution, a possible to message to President Trump who recently fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and refuses to concede the 2020 election.

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  1. This is the second time he was insubordinate to his Commander in Chief. The first time was shortly after Antifa/BLM set the church on fire near the White House in June 2020. He didn't like President Trump's "show of strength and resolve in the face of ANARCHY!" Article 4 – Section 4 of the Constitution, which he claims to protect, specifically states that the Federal Government shall guarantee to the States a "republican" form of governance and protection against "domestic violence." In other words, Communism and political rioting are UNconstitutional! Where was Milley's "protection" of the Constitution, which expressly requires defending against enemies – both foreign AND DOMESTIC, back then when Communist anarchists were directly threatening THE WHITE HOUSE AND HIS COMMANDER IN CHIEF (to the point where the Secret Service had to interrupt the President's press conference and immediately take him to the White House bunker!)?!? ?!? Instead, he violated it himself, and then expressed insubordination by "mouthing off" against the man who had the authority to fire him!!! Why didn't he "protect the Constitution" when several State Governors and Courts expressly violated it by allowing their Legislature's election laws to be ignored and circumvented?!? Instead, he mouthed off again (above) – exhibiting no pretence of respect, but rather arrogant disdain! Where was his "protection of the Constitution" when, more recently, the Supreme Court itself violated it by ignoring Texas' lawsuit (with 17 other States) against Pennsylvania's anti-Constitutional lawlessness?!? Would not his oath require a knowledge of the Constitution that he alleges to "protect?' If a careless ignorance thereof would be dereliction of duty, what would a WILLFUL ignoring of it be?!? Truth be told, it's not his responsibility to interpret the Constitution, nor to remove a President (what did he suppose Trump would do – lock the White House doors?!?); those are the purviews of the SCOTUS and the Congress, respectively. IN FACT, contrary to his claim, his responsibility ACTUALLY IS to OBEY his Commander (In Chief)!

  2. It makes me laugh that you think the very military who recruited him was sending him a message. I'm pretty sure he was talking to the ones who cheated…Trump travels and is protected by them…do your homework.

  3. Nice speech, so why have foreign and domestic interference in the election not been addressed? Talking about upholding the oath is far different from the actions of actually upholding the oath to the constitution!

  4. We Americans are so very blessed that our "One and Only God" loved us enough to provide the very best protectors for our great nation by each fantastic member of the branches of our military.

  5. No that's a reminder to ALL LAWMAKERS! PERIOD!!! specially the commies/demi RATS!! my question is WHY they havent been arrests yet starting with SOME members of the media!! Period!!

  6. This wasn't a subtle hint to President Trump. For Those Who Believe It Was, You're All Clueless. Stop Staring Into That Programming, Brainwashing Deception Machine Referred To As Television. It's TELLING A VISION! Evil's Vision!

  7. General Milley is a traitor and a communist and does not protect the constitution, he protects the communist left and has supported their vote manipulation and illegal and unconstitutional take over of the United States!

  8. Well as far as I see it there's only one party that repeatedly flouts the constitution and that's the Democrats. They just stole the election and then impeached trump with no trial, after he left office and then held a kangaroo court entering fraud into evidence and that was the least of their crimes. The hunter laptop has the recipts of total corruption going on and high crimes with foreign enemy states. What in the hell is going on in America? (I'm English) I hope there is a reckoning because my country tends to anchor itself to the USA so what happens in America, gets replicated here and we're sick to death of this insane marxist crap that's destroying both our countries. We're sitting tight and hoping in prayer that this will be resolved. God bless America and the UK and all good patriots around the world.

  9. I wish the Joint Chiefs and the US Military would actually take action against those politicians that have blatantly ignored and violated the US Constitution . Especially those who are currently attempting to aid China and turn the US into a communist country. Because a Democratic based Socialism is just 1 step away from Communism and I as. US Army combat veteran am still willing and able to fight and defend our Constitution , freedom and Republic. Even if it cost me my life.

  10. Now I would ask him if he was referring to Trump or Biden, the one who seems more dictator is Biden who in just one month in office has signed more executive orders than any other president, thus putting aside the legislative power, the executive already has it and Do you think that it no longer has the judicial power ???, no court and even the supreme court have dismissed the demands related to the elections, ufff, nothing more like a dictator right ???, I hope this high military man who speaks here reconsider and act according to what he said, always responding and defending the constitution, hopefully it is not too late or you will live eternally ashamed of all your military ranks until the last of your days, or proud of having saved the United States and the world !!!

  11. In National Geographic's 2020 October to December issues in very fine print 813 area code is OUTSIDE USA.That is Tampa, Florida's area code. Considering the facts that USA government is an exact copy of roman oppressive government and Egyptian slavery government combined which people are not aware of because the information has been deliberately edited out of their awareness, the fact that in England people were in slavery when they were told about this "new land" to move to, and the fact that USA currency is made by slave labor 70% cotton, and the Egyptian pyramid and other things like black magic, alchemy, and the bible as a weapon is the real life contents of the country, USA may be a myth inside Russia. The maps show a big blank inside Russia with every other country detailed. The facts are more important than sales pitches. All government people and celebrities have implants in them and are controlled slaves. Is that a true representation of a "free" country? The problem is not solved by moving away because the English people did that moving here. The solution to ending bad things is standing our ground and holding everyone equally responsible. 99% of the world has no problem following the same rules as everybody else?? 1% of the world thinks they do not have to follow the same rules as everybody else? Accountability across the board. Punishment doesn't pay either. The key is reversing the ALCHEMY, the black magic in the currency. Stand UP EVERYBODY. The currency is a different approach. Science and spirituality is in the currency. 99% of the people in USA are free thinking individuals. Change the currency. Fear, pain, violence is the enemy. The currency is the enemy. Not each other.

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