CBS Special Report 2020 presidential election

CBS Special Report 2020 presidential election

HAPPENING NOW: CBS News is airing a special report as the U.S. awaits the results of the 2020 presidential election.


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  1. All cities that refused to allow poll watchers should have their results removed from the overall vote. How is it that Democrats have no issues with the way poll watchers were shut out of doing what the Constitution says they are allowed to do? Philadelphia refuses to allow poll watchers and even ignored a judges order to allow poll watchers into a facility, why, why would they go to this extent to block poll watchers? The Democrats are trying to steal this election that's why, laws have been broken by Democratic election officials all across this country. Do not accept these elections results as real they are not, once again Democrats have blocked poll watchers from their Constitutional right, this is America and Americans must not allow Democrats to steal this election, all counting locations that blocked or refused poll watchers should have their results voided from the overall count.

  2. Copy and paste this. Republican or Democrat, we will not settle with cheaters! Get rid of the corruption!

    “Pennsylvania had 500,000 more votes than people registered.
    North Carolina had 500,000 more votes than people registered.
    Nevada had 150,000 more votes than people registered.
    Georgia had 100,000 more votes than people registered.”

    14,000 dead people voting in Detroit:


    Ilhan Omar Cousin ballot harvesting:


    Bussing people around to vote, poll site to poll site:


    Vote fraud exposed by project Veritas:


    Allegations against USPS workers voter fraud by Project Veritas


    Voter fraud by Project Veritas:


    More voter fraud exposed by Project Veritas:


    Ballots on fire:


    Changing votes:


    Employee Voter fraud:


    Shady Employees covering window:


    Sharpie Fraud:


    Exchanging ballots for money:


    More ballot harvesting:


    Pa voter fraud:


  3. We no longer live in a country of uncensored free speech. We no longer live in a country with freedom to leave your house without a partisan compliance mask. We no longer live in a country with a transparent non controversial democracy. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses are being forced to shut down in order to eliminate any competition or contest of the big media and tech conglomerates. We no longer are living in America.

  4. Just remember……..if the Democrats do "take" the election, be sure to give them EXACTLY what they gave in return the last 4 years. For starters, not my President. Sound familiar? Oh, and don't work with them on anything. They do not have the Senate, nor the Supreme Court. No matter what they do, do the opposite. Opposite day every day. Take things to another level. Right out of their own playbook. Let them enjoy their further divided America that they helped create themselves. By the way, it's ok to break laws now to. They mean nothing. The world has seen that. What goes around comes around, and that's supposedly the kind of win they wanted, so be sure to repay them in kind. Fair is fair, and that is democracy to. It would be one thing if it was a landslide, but it's not. Not even close.

  5. Wow! Extreme propaganda! And with straight faces! No wonder they're called the enemy of the people. Trump will prevail! Righteousness will prevail! GOD WILL PREVAIL! Democrats are the godless party of abortion, riots and death! They call Antifa peaceful protests and they're trying to make us believe that the real peaceful protests are somehow dangerous. PROPAGANDA on steroids! Don't be fooled, MSM is another arm of the DEEP STATE monsters who hate the American people and not only us but people World Wide!

  6. It is obvious to anyone who watch the US elections it is a total farce, but sorry you are going to have an impossible job proving it. Simple as! Biden will become president and nothing anyone can do about it.

  7. In central Asia praying for Trump🙏 he is one who can help whole the world form Chinese expansion 😭 please let Trump became the president even you are don't know who is JB😢 he is slave of China👈

  8. No evidence? so there's going to be tons of made up storys of people saying they wouldn't let them observe them counting. People of course liberal news will deny it. People we know 1000% the government is corrupt finally a guy with some money and pull like trump is speaking for us.

  9. Like it or not (and I don't) Biden will be our next president, but he's going to be nothing but a figure-head for the far leftist – our socialist / anti-American values friends that are dancing badly in the streets.
    If nothing else, Biden will be great for continues laughs, as anyone who remembers him from the early '80s can tell you.
    And understand, Biden doesn't have any mandate (NO BLUE WAVE!!) – Very few voted for him and his standard by-the-numbers agenda, he's just the generic democratic candidate that was taken out of retirement that had any real chance of beating President Trump. It worked, but now what?

  10. I can’t believe these low info voters of the DNC. They are so corrupt that they censor media and free speech everywhere of any kind of truthful stories of the scandals and criminal conduct of their members — it’s so bad that these misinformed and uneducated democrats are celebrating tonight when the Supreme Court Will most likely dismiss these fraudulent election results and request for a do over when the evidence and testimonials are presented.

    I’m so sad for America, especially for the liberals and Democrats who believe the corrupt and paid mouthpieces of the DNC who only have money and power in mind. They also rigged the machines and made fake ballots, throwing away the real ones, and allocated people to threaten people to vote for their candidate.

    There will be more strict regulations when the true election comes up after the litigation in the Supreme Court upholds the evidence and dismisses the fraudulent election results.

  11. (THINK) How can 60% – 70% of people vote Republican for the House and Senate… and then vote Democrat for the President?

    FACT: When someone votes for a Republican Candidate for the House and Senate > they also vote Republican for President (99% of the time).

    Just a little simple deductive reasoning will tell anyone with an ounce of honesty "This is Statistically Impossible" thus FRAUD..! >>> Just Google house senate results 2020

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