Bret Weinstein breaks down Dark Horse Duo plan to save republic

Bret Weinstein breaks down Dark Horse Duo plan to save republic

Visiting Fellow Dr. Bret Weinstein at the James Madison Program at Princeton discusses why he is calling for unity of the center-left and center-right.

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  1. Thanks non-existent imaginry divine entity : this did not happen.
    I understand that Weinstein has been tramatized by the kafkaian absurdity that happened in Evergreen. But this idea double down on the absurd. You can't equate Trump with Biden. You can't even equate the Proud Boys with the woke brigades. Those have no power outside of a few campuses. And neither Biden nor Harris is in their thrall. On the other hand, Trump and likeminded fascists basically run the show inside the GOP.

    As for the idea of electing a Duo of center right and center left, it's rubish. A democratic society is a society that acknowledges its own divisions, the fact that it is crisscrossed by opposing interests. And it choose to solves those conflicts by giving an equal right to each citizen to express, analyze, deliberate and solve those contradictions through accepted procedures (Paul Ricoeur). Democracy is not about consensus. It's about conflicts. And it allows every one to participate in those conflicts. But all those conflicts follow established rules, because you can't have democracy without the rule of law.

    The kind of centrist dictatorship, where there is no debate, no conflict, just a random choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee is NOT a democracy.

  2. 3rd party ''TRUMPLICAN PARTY'' 2024. Dont stop the train! ''to 'rule'…to govern as 'men'? Last time I visit the Hill. If I had known the link was from you I wouldn't have waisted my time!

  3. "above politics" lol. Brett loves to hear himself talk. I'm all down for ranked choice voting, and I agree with some of the premises, but his solutions would not help.

  4. Govern. Just need the three branches to adhere to the Constitution which includes ending all unconstitutional laws, regulations and agencies (most of the government)

  5. This idiot wants to nominate a swampcreature like McRaven who thinks the US has a duty to fight wars around the world "protecting" everybody. Haven't we had ENOUGH wars?
    Still voting for TRUMP 2020.

  6. Finally a plan I am willing to publicly support. We desperately need an innovative approach to save our republic. Where’s my bumper sticker?!

  7. Yang needs append his view to promote work programs as opposed to just given people a wage, strict well fare offends many in the working class. Dress up F D R work program to make apropos to current time.

  8. I've just joined at articlesofunity . com.
    I will quit by Monday morning (it is now Friday evening here) if I don't become absolutely convinced of Bret/aou's accepting and adhering to this one inviolable (to me) principle:

    Neither Bret Weinstein nor this organization has received ANY financial donations from ANY organization or individual of an amount over $100, AND WON'T. EVER.

    My first email to articlesofunity will be sent now, and it will be to inform them of my challenge. I don't feel confident in my ability to again locate this particular post on Monday (yeah, I'm not so tech hip) so if you don't see my reply here (hopefully to convey a firm and unexpiring commitment by Bret/aou but we'll see), Look for it as a new reply post to this video.


  9. This is so interesting to watch for people with a background in democracies that don't have a "two-party-only" system. The way Weinstein describes what other countries would call a coalition without having the rhetorical framework for it is almost hilarious. But sadly, it's very necessary to explain it to Americans like that: the dualistic principle is so engrained in the culture that tribalism beats personal position almost every time. This is why ideas that we would quickly agree on in other circumstances never make it into policy: because it would mean we had to buy into a package deal of one particular party that entails too much we disagree on. I don't know if this proposal in particular is the right approach, but one thing is for sure: if we don't evolve out of the two-party system, the American democracy is eventually going to be doomed.

  10. But once they are in politics then they won't be above politics, I want Trump out, that's what I want and that's what I'm going to vote for after we get Trump out then we can take a view of another approach, I will not split my ticket. If this guy is serious I would consider that he is working for Trump.

  11. Yang and McRaven? I had problems with both, but if they follow the principles of Unity2020, then I'll vote for president for the first time in 32 years.

  12. If the left was actually running someone who was hard left, instead of center left, then I could see this as having more of a chance. That and proposing this 2 yrs ago instead of now.

  13. Both parties are bought-paid for-and controlled by the CABAL,change the system, end the corporate LOBBYISTS that buy our officials. Get the money out of politics, shrink these three letter agency's that John F. Kennedy said he would splinter into a thousand peaces and cast to the wind, end the fed, as there are many key changes we could implement to get the Republic back as WE DO NOT HAVE A REPUBLIC ANY MORE OR A DEMOCRACY as our elections have not been fair or free for a looooong time.
    allow a third party that is not controlled by the club

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