BREAKING: Wisconsin Prepared For RECOUNT: 2020 Election Results COULD CHANGE

BREAKING: Wisconsin Prepared For RECOUNT: 2020 Election Results COULD CHANGE

Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief election official, will hold a media briefing at 1 p.m. on Thursday, November 12 to provide updates on election certification, misinformation about the election, and possible recounts.

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  1. The democrats spent the last four years (4…..years….) trying to impeach Trump on nothing but proven false allegations. Yet he's supposed to just sit back and accept the election results. If the results where flipped, and Trump won do you really think the democrats would just sit back and accept it? They haven't accepted the results for the last four years, so telling Trump he needs to just accept this as a loss is just wishful thinking on the democrats.

  2. I don't trust what this Election Official says! Look how flushed her face is. She is just saying what she is instructed to say. I don't think they'll do all that she is putting out.

  3. I wonder if there are Chinese interference this time instead of Russians. Terrorists like Antifa could be involved. Hopefully California gets a recount too because there's something fishy about the results in Pelosi's state.

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  5. They need to recount all the votes in every state and when they recount make sure that only the legal votes are counted and discard all the illegal votes

    We don’t want to “count every vote”, they’ve already done that and that’s the problem! We want to count every LEGAL vote. Disband all Dominion machines and not count those or the dead person mail in ballots and Trump wins by a landslide in every state. 'HAMMER AND SCORECARD' WAS USED TO FLIP VOTES BY THE COUNTING MACHINE – EXPOSE THIS! Dominion bad

  7. Seems like every state should recount even when there's a clear winner. This would be to expose any fraud and confirm the results. This should just be the standard for something so important.

  8. Awesome!!! I would love to know that the votes are perfectly fair. No cheating!!! Then whoever wins ill support !! I'm not gonna sloop low like Democrats did and say trump is not my president

  9. Hillary criminal email leaks=Russian interference

    Biden Laptop and China deals=American media and censorship

    Mueller investigation and 4 years of Trump bashing, he colluded and impeached by House for Russian election interference

    But every evidence shared on every platform guarantees with highlighted warnings: ROBUST SAFEGUARDS FOR ELECTION notice??

    Beyond third world. Oh yeah thousands of Trump votes flip to Biden in a 1:6 ratio, just a little Venezuelan glitch

  10. The AP can call what ever they want to until January 6th when the congress counts the electoral votes then one of those two candidates will be the new president on Jan 20th

  11. Apparently it's legal for our own government to threaten us, You have harris saying she is basically coming after Americans when she get's in office and many members of the dem. party coming after Americans. We the People pay these government officials and they are threatening Americans if they don't go along with them, Crazy LOL, Isn't that terrorist threats? Where is the FBI, Oh they control them, DOJ, they control them to, Hmm, I guess Americans have no where to go, Guess this is going to end bad

  12. Thank you my dear friend president Trump well win again because Democrats stealing vote point from president Trump the truth 2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣🙏🇱🇷 God will bless president Trump because president Trump victory very much for a victory again God picking president Trump 2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣🙏🇱🇷

  13. He can’t afford 8 million and he has until tomorrow to decide, 20,000 fraud ballots, good luck with that‼️‼️‼️January 20, 21 11:59am BIDEN HARRIS 2020💙💙💙💙

  14. Trump can blow all his recounts and BS lawsuits out his defeated ass. This is all to gin up his base and extract more donations from them to do what? Fund his past due bills that his ridicules reelection campaign incurred, and more obviously, put money in his own pocket. (READ THE FINE PRINT) He's been a conman his entire life; why would he spend money on a lost cause unless it meant diverting the money into his corrupt pockets. Don't be his suckers, folks—like me back in 2016.

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