BREAKING: President Obama slams Jared Kushner after comments on Black Americans' desire for success

BREAKING: President Obama slams Jared Kushner after comments on Black Americans' desire for success

Speaking in Orlando, Florida, President Obama responds to White House senior adviser Jared Kushner’s statement that that in order for the President’s policies to be most effective, Black Americans must want to succeed.

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  1. All the Republicans did was to take credit for the Democrats success and Jared doesn't appear to be human, he looks like an humanoid or is he a demon from hell yeah and trump wears a wig along with make, wondering what he really looks like???

  2. Oh please. Obama made little to no progress for Blacks. He had full support from Congress, the Senate which at the time of his presidency were mostly Democrat and the media NEVER slandered him and he still accomplished nothing for the Black community. Now, gays had progress made with getting more equal rights than Blacks to the point that if you don't bake a cake for them or even identify them with the wrong gender, you get fined or face imprisonment and their not even ethnic minorities.

  3. Last time I checked Jared was a pretty man who was born into money and has never gotten his perfectly manicured hands dirty. Do us a favor Jared, shut up and be pretty. Clearly you have no experience when it comes to being black or a man.

  4. obama really has a thing for her,he didnt get involved with anything until she was bought,it is pitiful to see biden talking,knowing ,he was used to get that piece of trash in,

  5. Obama did nothing for black people even black people say that you can't take credit for something you had nothing to do with you said jobs wouldn't come back but they did then you guys let covid all over the media to scare people to stay home did Kill the economy kill President Trump's chance of re-election we see past your lies you did everything the American people didn't want you did what you wanted to do for Legacy but President Obama we reject your legacy I'm not going to lie I thought you were going to bring the racial divide to an end you did nothing but fuel the racial divide I was so hoping that you was going to be the guy you bring us all together and I bet that was millions of people that felt the same as I we are all men and we fall short of expectations of others and we fall short in the eyes of the father

  6. That's why President Obama was and still is my president not like the clown we have in the white House right now but there is a light in the end of the tunnel and Soon to be President Biden will lead this horror of past 4years to bliss and Unity not Separating the Country like trump

  7. No Trump gave more help to black people you lot gave money for black women to have as many kids as possible . Money for as many abortions to sell for stem cell treatment you lot suppressed black man black women this man use his black colour when it suits him to get on side with black people he is a jew hater him Biden are China's biggest back handers china caused covid 19 no one new how this would effect the world trump is the only president to say it as it is all overs Bowe down to China eating rat crap taking big fat rolls off green paper looking at numbers in their bank accounts people of America need to wake up catch . Own stupidity has caused covid spread like idiots in the UK .

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