BREAKING: Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 race

BREAKING: Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 race

Krystal Ball & Jamal Simmons discuss Kamala Harris’ decision to drop out of the 2020 Presidential race.

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  1. Tulsi doesn't play by their rules, and she doesn't accept the bribes…so
    Big Tech, Big War, Big Pharma and Big Hillary will do anything the can
    to smear and destroy her. I still have hope though…things are

  2. Go Tulsi! From an Australian perspective, you should all be backing Tulsi Gabbard. She is the only candidate in living memory who does not spout bullshit party rhetoric and has called out the odious and destructive Regime Change Wars, not to mention the corruption running deep in the Clintons.

  3. The big money has moved to Yang who doesn't have the baggage that Kamala or Buttigieg have. It was just a dog and pony show anyway when the DNC allowed 20 candidates to be fielded… We know it was all about Biden (Clinton/obama new version) vs Bernie and or Warren I wish Warren would get back to her roots, the banking mess in this country… She and Sheila Bair were the only people looking out for the 90% besides Bernie who has been doing it for his entire life.

  4. They are having a really hard time giving tulsi Gabbart the credit for exposing Harris as the harsh b—h she is. One good thing i saw tulsi on a full size billboard today. Loved it.

  5. 10:10 Actually, we are one nation, indivisible, UNDER GOD. Kamala Harris did not have the guts to say that. That moment in the clip when she puts the period ater indivisible, and skip's the name of God, shows her weakness right out the gate. Do you want to undertake to run the greatest nation on Earth without God? You will not succeed.

  6. Platitudes, identity politics, corporate sponsorship, questionable ethics in her prosecutorial past (gleefully punishing the poor, shielding banksters, detaining prison laborers contrary to court order, etc), squishy on support for Medicare 4 All (i.e., over her dead body) — we will miss her…boo hoo hoo…sniff. "Unity today and Unity Tomorrow! America will be greater than we've never been! Join with me in building a Magnificent Future, my fellow Americans! Thank you and God bless you and keep you (away from me, you mutts)!"

  7. Dude this guy saying it would take away Obamacare or people’s healthcare or “how can we afford it”.

    Literally Medicare for All is the end goal. Obamacare was never meant to be the end. It’s not taking people’s insurance away it’s giving people better healthcare.

    And it’s cheaper than our current healthcare system. Jesus how many times do people need to be told this before they stop making up lies


  9. You can tell Jamal is hurt as hell that Tulsi (who he hates with a passion) is still in the race and his star-child Harris was eliminated. The guy is so salty about the loss that he doesn't say "Tulsi" once in this entire 20 minute discussion. LMAO.

  10. Obama care was, initially, medicare for all. 320 republican amendments later it became a windfall profit scheme for the private insurance companies that have no place in the healthcare delivery system, adding only red tape, extra cost, and reduced benefits.

  11. Who is this guy saying Democrats are wondering whether M4A is even appropriate policy? Good thing KB is immediately pushing back on that. Imagine this goes on all day unchallenged in Corpo media. It's really a wonderment the the truth is maintained anywhere at all.

  12. That has to be the saddest excuseor reason to vote for someone as President ive ever imagined. Hes an old white guy and we kno what we are getting ……
    So sad for them to keep propping of biden when no one i mean no one wants to vote for that dude.

  13. Kamala is an anchor baby. Neither parent had a legal right to be in the USA when she was born, dad from Jamaica, mom from India. The girl spent her formative years in Canada. So she began life as a foreigner with no one to teach her what it means to be American. From her manner of speaking, I would say she hates this country. Some would argue that anchor babies are not citizens, but make the claim only through a loose interpretation of the law. I do believe our founders never intended the presidential criteria of "natural born citizen" to include the children of illegal aliens. I am glad that she is gone.

  14. Bernie has said time and time again that black women would be greatly impacted, benefiting with healthcare for all and he gives the details about it. Bernie consistent and ahead of the times always fighting for all.

  15. What is this clown parroting medicare for all corporate talking points for? Don't know if we can pay for it?" Does he realize what it is costing us now? Keeping the profit margin in the middle of health care makes no sense.

  16. Kamala Harris is not fit to be president ever. Her personality is too authoritarian. No president had ever had that attitude. She acts and talks as if she's the law. I watched her during that ICE "investigation? " and I was put off with her rightaway.

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