#BREAKING: Census numbers show shift of House power to the South, West

#BREAKING: Census numbers show shift of House power to the South, West

Six states will see their congressional delegations grow in the next Congress, according to the first results from the U.S. Census Bureau’s decennial survey of America’s population, in what the Bureau’s director said was the smallest shift in any decade in almost a century.

Texas is set to add two U.S. House seats to its delegation after a decade in which the state added more than 4 million new residents.

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  1. These numbers have been fudged by the trump administration, I fail to believe that the US is shrinking in number by that much and where, also that the South is growing the most considering where the GQP stronghold is AND what states trump lost in the 2020 election seem to also have lost seats…I see a pattern here and I don't like it. The 2020 census needs to be tossed and recounted by an administration with integrity not loyalty.

  2. Ironically the DNC forced the states to count all the Latinos running the border from Mexico into Texas during this Census, and it gave Red States more representation in Congress.

    Keep up the good work Nancy, while you have a job, 20 months to go, tik tok, tik tok

  3. The shift of states losing census is due to Covid death not people moving. Ie New York and California. Republicans are saying Democrats are leaving the blue states. Not true.

  4. COVID has altered this increase…75% of covid deaths were males…also war, afghanistan wars shifted the population as well. So in 2010 there were 49% of males and 51% females….now in 2020 census there was only a 7% increase in population. There are 48% males and 52% females according the the new data we have…that is roughly 8 million more women than men. The gender gap gets wider by age 30 and gets wider each decade after that. Still there a 7% population increase since the last census data was conducted, is the lowest increase in census history for America!

  5. 🤷The MOST HUMONGOUS PROBLEM is that the 2020 Census was ❗COMPLETELY❗ 😡INACCURATE🤔❗ due to 😷Covid-19❗Americans have known this since early last year❗

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