Biden Learns to Read | News, Sports, Jobs

Biden Learns to Read | News, Sports, Jobs

Biden’s press conference on the Afghanistan bombing was dominated by a toneless precision with which he pronounced almost every word with long pauses in between them. And there was little sense of phrasing and inflection. But that’s precisely how children read aloud when they’re first learning to read, word – by – slow – word. That Biden has entered his second childhood was obvious even during the 2020 campaign which, of course, he mostly hid in his basement. But now, as president, he must come out in public sometimes, and there’s nowhere to hide. And he keeps getting “younger.”

The Constitution lists the president’s first job as “Commander in Chief.” In other words, his first responsibility is to energetically defend and protect America from its foreign enemies. So, of course, no one would ever elect a child for president even if it were constitutional. But that’s what we now have in Biden. The Afghanistan disaster is its result, of which Obama famously said in general, “Elections have consequences.” After hearing Biden’s halting language, we hope that some of the good Americans who voted for him, including 16,971 from Lycoming County, realize a deep fact about the general well-being of America. A weak Democratic president isn’t a victory over his Republican candidate, it’s a defeat for all Americans. It’s a defeat for the safety and prosperity of yourself, your family, your home, job, savings, and future. And now all of these will suffer for years to come from the geopolitical military-economic costs to the US due to the Afghan debacle. Elections have consequences. We hope all conscientious Americans will remember that in 2022 and 2024 for the good of all Americans, Democrat and Republican alike. In America, we’re all Americans.




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