Biden leads Trump by 10 points in NEW 2020 poll

Biden leads Trump by 10 points in NEW 2020 poll

On today’s What America’s Thinking, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 10 percentage points in a 2020 general election matchup. Democratic pollster and Founding Partner at Hit Strategies, Terrance Woodbury, and Republican pollster and Partner at the Tarrance Group, B.J. Martino, discuss the candidates’ chances. This survey was conducted online within the United States from June 1-4, 2020 among 2,827 registered voters by HarrisX.

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  1. If you're the type of person who refers to trump as a racist and a white supremacist or comparing him to Hitler. It shows how unintelligent and misinformed you are. If you're going to make that statement at least have an argument to back it up with facts. Not just because you "feel" That he is.

  2. Apparently Joe Biden is leading in 16 Swing States going into the 2020 Election, and Trump's base is Whining, as usual. That's what they do? Useless Skells and Grifters.

  3. I understand Donald Trump has a base of Skells and Grifters with less than 2 year college education, but the majority in your Southern States never graduated from High School. Democrats are College Graduates and Above… We will take the country back and stabilize Trump's Damage.

  4. On October 23, 2016 – All the 'Polls' were showing Hillary winning by 12 POINTS. She was ahead in the poles RIGHT UP UNTIL SHE LOST. How soon we forget! LOL…

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