Biden is ‘falsely posing as winner’ of presidential election, Massachusetts GOP Chairman Jim Lyons says

Biden is 'falsely posing as winner' of presidential election, Massachusetts GOP Chairman Jim Lyons says

Massachusetts GOP Chairman Jim Lyons claimed President-elect Joe Biden is “falsely posing as the winner” of the election as he used the state party’s email list Thursday to amplify President Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud and raise money for his legal battles.

“While Joe Biden is falsely posing as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, the 70 million Americans who voted for President Trump are waiting with patience and fortitude for the real count to come in,” Lyons wrote in the afternoon email blast. “This election is far from over.”

Lyons repeated allegations from the Trump campaign that “dead people voted” without proof. He claimed a “glitch” in Wisconsin “added over 100,000 votes to Biden’s tally in the dead of night,” in apparent reference to an error that was caught. And he alleged, as the Trump campaign has in its mounting lawsuits challenging voting processes in key battleground states, that Republican poll watchers “were not permitted meaningful access” to observe ballot tabulations.

“It is crucial that we don’t let the Democrats get away with committing voter fraud,” Lyons said baselessly. “Please chip in what you can right now to help fight back!”

Lyons’ voter fraud claims come days after Gov. Charlie Baker slammed the president’s attempts to challenge the election results as “not in the best interest of this country.” Last week, Baker called the allegations of widespread fraud “bad for democracy.”

It’s the latest in a growing series of breaks between Baker, a moderate who did not back Trump in 2016 or 2020, and Lyons, a pro-Trump conservative, that are dividing the state Republican Party and leaving some state committee members calling for a “reconciliation” in order to successfully field candidates going forward.

Lyons told the Herald earlier this week that he “absolutely” will accept the results of the election once Trump’s legal challenges have played out, saying, “There’s a process that we have in America.”

Lyons also said he’s running for re-election as Republican State Committee chairman in January.

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