Bernie vs. Biden: Who will show crisis leadership at the debate?

Bernie vs. Biden: Who will show crisis leadership at the debate?

Krystal and Saagar give their take on how the upcoming Democratic Presidential debate could be impacted.

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  1. Hang in there Bernie. Don't give up! There is something about Biden that is clouded. As long as you stand your ground gracefully and honestly, you cannot lose. People want an honest, morally correct person. Don't give up. I'm praying for you Bernie! God bless you and America.

  2. I work as a cabinet warranty and new home quality assurance tech. A lot of our work has dried up. Luckily I work for a great company and am paid a salary, but I can see the desperation of a lot of the independent contractors I work alongside in these homes. They're pulling their hair out, and paid sick leave can't really help them, it's pretty much impossible to consistently estimate what sort of pay they're gonna miss out on.

  3. Why don’t you two have more solidarity with other alternative news to tackle issues in a united front to bring out officials on all levels of government to have the change we need? And sit them down with corporate power to put pressure on the changes we need? Bring in unions to ask why they don’t work together to unionize workers, increase safety inspections, public transit, infrastructure, secure wages for teachers, for workers so they are not defending on taxpayers for food aid? Why is it during this crisis that children might go hungry because they won’t have school lunches? Does anyone not see the absurdity of that? Why do countries like Switzerland, Austria and others have almost no homelessness??? Why not have some of these foreign officials come in to tell us what they are doing right, and we are doing wrong? Call these people out on the carpet. Do you know the Texas Observer? Counterpunch? Democracy Now!? You should, otherwise you will be forever reporting train wrecks, and little will get done.

  4. Joe Biden made lie after lie on the debate last night. Will any news be taken seriously if this is not covered?

    Joe Biden outright lied about Bernie Sanders taking money from 9 super PACs last night on the debate.

    How many news channels will report on that lie and call Joe Biden out on that lie?

    That is how we know the system is corrupt folks.

    "Bernie wants to abolish super PACs, overturn Citizens United, and make sure every voter counts."

    Do we want a President in office that will blatantly lie like that?

  5. The question is… How many times did Biden say Situation Room in Debate? Don't worry, the Situation Room is going to solve all our problems.

  6. Michelle Obama has just revealed a shocking secret – one that the far-right has been hounding her about for years, but in fact, turns out to be true. Michelle Obama is transgender, and was actually born as a male.

    “I was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson, and changed my name to Michelle when I was only 12-years-old,” said Obama. “I knew that it didn’t feel right. I wasn’t a boy. I never cared about doing boy things. I just wanted to be a princess, I wanted to ride ponies. When I was a teen, I realized I also liked boys. It was really a confusing, difficult time, but my parents were very supportive.”

    Obama says she underwent surgery in her late 20s to begin converting to a woman, and the entire process was completed when she was in her early 30s, right before she met Barack.

    “He has known from the beginning, of course,” said Obama. “I never shied away from my past, and there was no way I was going to get into a relationship with someone starting with a lie. So yes, he’s always been aware that I used to be a man.”

    Michelle said that their children were not adopted, but they obviously used a surrogate, with Barack providing the sperm.

    “They are biologically his children, for sure,” said Obama. “I am not going to disclose who the mother is, because it doesn’t matter. I am their mother. They know everything, and they don’t care. They see me as their mom, and always will, because that’s who I am – I’m mom.”

  7. Sanders keeps repeating the same. He wants great things for this country but his history in the Senate proof that he barely passed any bills. Biden is more realistic and practical of the current situation. Biden is a leader that is open to ideas. Both are good candidates but my choice is vice president Joe Biden.

  8. Is this the best the Dems could come up with 2 old white guys one has Alzheimer's and other is a communist. Lol good luck with that

  9. Bernie Sanders no solo piensa en una solución rápida que seria solo una forma de tapar la aparente forma de gobierno de ahora.
    Pero la realidad que seguiria con lo mismo.
    PORQUE la mayoria se hace del lado de los poderosos porque de esa misma manera se domina a la mayoria y las cosas siguen en los mismos problemas.
    Pero para soluciones se tiene que cambiar de la raiz de los problemas.
    Y fortalecer a ls gente no solo de un país si no de la mayoría.
    Ya que de ellos vendran las contribuciones.
    Es como una persona que invierte en cosas para un mejor producción.
    Y no querer sacar lo maximo donde no inviertes nada.
    Realmente es un error la forma de gobierno donde unos solos pocos cuentan con una sobreabundancia
    Cuando otros carecen de las cosas básicas.

  10. Sanders’ problem, on top of his flakey socialist iseas, is that he just doesn’t come across looking like Presidential material.

  11. Sanders is a socialist, due to his ideals and he is worried about the people of what?
    Biden atleast isn’t extreme and doesn’t put his feelings infront of the people
    Sanders XD, Christ Sanders good luck fixing the economy the Liberal News ruined XD

    Remember the Swine Flu? Well the Swine Flu is 10x more dangerous than the Cold (Coronavirus)
    Also no one talk about the deaths that the Flu had claimed, Covid is just another Cold as that it is it’s definition (Great Grammar right?)
    Also Sanders is going to go crazy, like I believe he wont do what he claims to do. (Which the Democratic Party has stated)
    So I wouldn’t vote these 2 men will lead the fall if they are elected

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