Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | 2020 Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | 2020 Presidential Election

A 2020 election prediction of Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump!

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  1. What is this version of the electoral map? Send me a link it is different. West Virginia is highly republicans yet the Democratic senator is ahead by 18 points. And trump has a negative 10% approval rating. That would have no effect in states like Idaho, North Dakota, Oklahoma La to TN and Ky. However it might effect republicans states like NC, GA, FL, AZ, MO, IN, Wv. So I would look into those.

  2. I really REALLY like Bernie (I donated to him), but I wouldn't want him if he pandered to the Regressive SJW crowd.

    I've seen mixed messages from him, but I don't know.
    I saw a video of him saying that people shouldn't be elected just because of their race, which infuriated the more racist & power hungry SJW's, which was fantastic.

    But then another time he let two BLM ppl dominate him and steal his microphone. But I put myself in his shoes – the kind of atmosphere the SJW retardant that if he wants submissive, he would have been painted and falsely accused of supporting racism or being an "enabler" (as if SJW don't enable far worse by being so unprincipled).
    So it was understandable, if indeed a bad thing to do.
    I have also done the same with SJW, and been emotionally manipulated and bullied by them, then only much later recognized my mistake and lack of basic self love I had. They operate based on approval/respect vs attack/ostracism. That is how they try to manipulate people, as their arguments and world view cannot be refuted very well, it seems.

  3. I like that just fine- I wish I could fast-forward out of this Trumpian mess. But now with the teens turning 18 they will vote Dem for gun reform.

  4. I love your content of one thing is that the difference in Green Party voters from 2016 to 2012 would not have won Hillary the election that is a false narrative

  5. Oh my god you’re such a moron!
    The black community will go out and vote Bernie Sanders in big numbers! It’s not rocket science to understand that ! Especially the young voters too that’s if it’s just Bernie Sanders vs Trump… The only reason he didn’t get a turn out with black people in 2016 was because CNN keep talking about Hillary and Trump never about the outers they did not cover so much for Bernie Sanders at all but he started at 3% and look at what he ended with… Now everyone knows him … He will completely destroy the republicans and Trump in record braking numbers! Especially In 2020 there is to much hate for Trump and the republicans.

  6. Not gonna lie man if you think Bernie would have any foothold in the Midwest then you really need to go research, most rural Midwesterners hate the idea of anything close to socialism, Bernie Sanders is a highly hated person, almost like a Hillary but for every other reason

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