Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | 2020 Presidential Election Prediction

Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | 2020 Presidential Election Prediction

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  1. Sorry, Trump will win with more electoral votes in 2020 than 2016 against the Bern. Remember that on election night. I didn't vote for Trump and I won't, but I can read the tea leaves out there. Actually, I think the only one that could beat Trump is Mayor Pete. His policies are mostly nuts but he has talent and youth and is amazingly the best communicator on the stage. I haven't seen his debating prowess since Bill Clinton. Pete could put the republicans to sleep because he is hard not to like, with Bernie they will be driving their 90 year old Great Grandmas to the polls to take out the Socialist. Half the battle in winning is convincing the other side that your not the actual devil.

  2. No. America fought against socialism for 40 years and now it wouldn't matter? Besides, by 2020 Bernie will be 79. 87 by the time he is out if he runs two terms. People thought Reagan was too old when he was 70. Also Bernie couldn't even defeat Hillary, so what says he could defeat Trump in such a landslide aswell. You can say whatever you want and talk about polls and shit, but Trump has gained far more supporters than he has lost during his presidency. With the democrats and overall left in the world becoming more off a joke everyday, a communist could not defeat a leader of the people in the coming election

  3. Some really astute observations, dude! I know this video is half a year old, but I’d like to see some with the newer contenders like Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker etc. especially considering that these predictions can be further informed by the midterm results as well as ballooning enthusiasm for these potential candidates.
    On another note…
    Some people are making snide remarks about Sanders’ age, but I do agree that age is a very important factor. We have to admit that optics plays a big part in many voter’s decisions. Think about how many attractive nominees end up doing very well in their races. Just in terms of optics, Trump is the oldest sitting president in history, and yet he does not look his age the same way Bernie does. I love Bernie to pieces, but I think it’s probably time to give somebody else a chance <3 love you Bernie!!

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t think Bernie would win Florida: Andrew Gillum lost and the population of Republican seniors is growing. Not to mention the popularity of Trump among them, and the anti-Socialist sentiment in Miami

  5. Sanders vs. Trump in 2020? If both are still living and try in 2020, Trump might lose the senior citizen vote but he will gain the youth vote because Sanders makes Trump look like a young whipper snapper.

  6. What do Democrats have besides hating Trump? A stagnant economy, open borders, increased taxes, and socialism which has always failed. There's no way Democrats are going to win another election unless they significantly change their platform…and they won't.

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