Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

In the 2020 Presidential Election, could Bernie Sanders easily win against an 34% approved President?

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  1. I just popped in to lol at your shitty prediction.
    I love Bernie bro misery. Some of the things you said in this video are so damn laughable. Your reasoning for why Bernie Sanders would have taken Ohio, Arizona, Maine at large and Pennsylvania are why you guys on the left will never understand why you're such losers.
    Let's talk elections… you gave Bernie Sanders states he couldnt even beat Joe Biden in. Arizona? He lost to Biden, Minnesota? He lost to Biden, North Carolina? He lost to Biden. Florida? He lost badly to Biden. Maine? Lost to Biden Wisconsin? Lost to Biden…… no one should take any of your predictions seriously. This is really just a collective of lost political hope's, dreams and garbage opinions.
    Biden will lose to Trump but go ahead and predict him winning. It'll be funny to watch.

  2. every prediction map i see shows Bernie always winning in a landslide victory. but yet again people are not voting for him to be the democratic nominee

  3. Hello! I love this channel and I especially love the program you use for this. I would love to know what it is called so I can play around with it. I am very interested in the 2020 Election and I would love to know that this website is called.

  4. Bernie Sanders CAN OT WIN in Georgia,,NC, VA, & Fl too many veterans I'm a progressive in Georgia and I would not vote 4 him. Would not vote for Trump either I would stay home.

  5. Prediction is the continuation the Mr. Donald Trump can NEVER win the 2016 US Presidential election as powerful media pronounced in ADVANCE ………………. FORTUNE COOKY is the BETTER predictor.

  6. What the radial right wingers need to realize is that just because trump won in 2016 does not mean that he will automatically win again if the economy is good. If sanders is the nominee you have the most popular politician in the country facing off against someone with an approval rating that is historically low for a president at this time. Sure the race could become much closer than what’s in this video, but Trump will need more than just a booming economy and a smear campaign against Sanders to win. If sanders is the nominee he will almost certainly be president, regardless of him being a “socialist” (democratic socialist is the proper term which is not the same thing)

  7. PA and WI would not go for Bernie Sanders. He's too progressive while those states are more conservative. If Bernie had Hillary's views but NOT her scandals- then he would have a shot at PA and WI.

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  9. Clinton lost Nebraska CD-2 with only 6500 votes. With an increased turnout due to both a more energised democratic base and increased turnout among students in Omaha, I think Sanders would certainly win there.

  10. Really good predictions! Nice to see someone I feel base their predictions first and foremost on objective data, like popularity, expected turnout, voting trends and demographics rather than personal bias. One question, though: As you will post updated predictions of possible races like this one continuously, do you think you could create a playlist with all predictions on that race? Would be cool to have a playlist where we could see how the projected result changes as unexpected things happen and Election Day draws nearer.

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