Ben Burgis: Liberals Threaten To #BoyCott MSNBC Over Trump Town Hall

Ben Burgis: Liberals Threaten To #BoyCott MSNBC Over Trump Town Hall

Jacobin contributor and host of Give Them An Argument, Ben Burgis, discusses Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s dueling town halls this week and the pushback NBC received for hosting a Trump town hall at the same time as Biden.

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  1. In Charlottesville Va channel 29 NBC fixed the problem all you could hear was a roaring noise all though out. Why are you interviewing a democrat? This is why American's are upset with this kind of press

  2. I wish we would stop making a point to add 'of the United States ' as if it makes the person better that any other leader. It projects arrogance.

  3. Its funny! Why don't leave all racist and conspiracy content and then engage and convince people with logic? I am sure that you can come up with something that will surely flip all those Trumpist. Yeah! We all remember when in 2016 they came up with pizza gate and the horrific Hilary email scandal and the media and democrats conviced everyone that it was bullshit by using logic and critical thinking.😂

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