AZ Secretary of State: 'This Is Everything But An Audit' | MSNBC

AZ Secretary of State: 'This Is Everything But An Audit' | MSNBC

The Maricopa County ‘Audit’ is set to resume soon in Arizona. The state’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss.

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AZ Secretary of State: ‘This Is Everything But An Audit’ | MSNBC


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About the Author: Election2020


  1. Maricopa county 2.1 million voters of which 1.6 are Republican, do the math. Arizona can not reuse these Dominion machines again because the resident of Maricopa County do NOT trust the current election results and knows there was a fraud. The machines need to be annualized for algorithms. Handover the passwords and routers, thou does protest too much.

  2. Just came to watch this because MSNBC is freaking out about this audit haha. Even Scarborough had a child-like meltdown over something that is TRASPARENT. You guys just can't let it go can you? Obviously Arizona is going to find something otherwise why throw a fit over something everyone thinks was the best election integrity system?

  3. Another misleading statement by a defensive Attorney General with her hand in the cookie jar. There is no way that forensic examination of the ballot machines will compromise them. How about that server that was promised but never delivered or the deleted files that were recovered? This is a fair and efficient audit team that is finding factual answers regarding an election county process that was hidden, misleading and non-open in any aspect. Embrace the audit if you are innocent and fear it if you are guilty.

  4. 2016: investigate everything!!!…2020: investigate nothing !……100s of left wing riots across the country for years: peaceful protests……1 right wing riot on January 6th: insurrection !!!….seriously as a non partisan independent voter the democrat party appears to be nothing more than a massive organized crime syndicate


  6. More then 50% of the nation knows Joe Biden didn't win. Fake news networks and Democrat's fighting any kind of audit proves it. Just like everything else fake news has said, you will find it to be false in 6 months to a year. They get it right less then the weatherman.

  7. The Big Lie is going to bite them all in the butt!!! Doesn’t she look lovely in orange? Her orange jumpsuit will complement her completion! I hope she gets to have Martha Stewart’s old room!

  8. "Republicans Suing Republicans"!! THAT'S why they Cling to The Donald!! He taught them well!! "Sue Yourselves & the TAXPAYER will HAVE TO PAY UP!!" That's almost the way "Big Don" made his fortune!! By filing Bankruptcy!! Crude, Shrewd, Cruel & Insatiable!! Wotta Guy!!

  9. Well what is it then. I havent heard one thing other than the lefts constant criticism. If you don't have facts just make them up. Make it look like what is perfectly legal seem criminal. Lying and manipulating what's being done using propaganda and misinformation. Make sure when the audit is done to make it out to be crooked and illegal. That way if fraud is found their little sheep following would believe them even if it's true That's the leftist playbook 101. Just wait it will happen.

  10. If there's nothing to hide, why try to stop the audit. Not complying with judges orders, over 100 lawyers from the Dems trying to stop it, deleted voter data, who did that, that's against the law. Looks like to me that someone has cheated in the election, and the MSM, and demacates narrative of the so called big lie is starting to flip on them, and there going to get exposed. I think soon poll workers and election officials will start coming forward trying to cut a deal to avoid prison. Now audits in Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, I find it hard to believe that if biden got more votes ever in American history, why on the white house youtube channel has thousands more dislikes than likes

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