As Arizona audits its 2020 election results, officials ask, 'where does this end?'

As Arizona audits its 2020 election results, officials ask, 'where does this end?'

More than seven months after the 2020 presidential election, Arizona is recounting their votes again. Arizona Senate Republicans recently subpoenaed the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County and the tabulation machines used to count them. While this audit will not change the election results, many lawmakers in the state are worried that it could lead to more restrictive GOP-led voting laws. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Here is where it ends
    The U.S. government takes tampering with evidence very seriously. A person who is convicted of the crime under federal law may face a prison sentence of not more than 20 years, a fine, or both. (18 U.S.C. § 1519.)

  2. Bottom line if Democrats and Rhinos don’t have anything to hide, let the Audit prove the Republicans wrong!! If there is no Fraudulent evidence Republicans will definitely loose the next election. That’s why these politicians are scared of what the Audit will reveal just as it already has in Arizona

  3. Trumpanzees are really butthurt now…go figure they were lied to about trump returning to office…they are looking very stupid…Its August 13th and no trump in the WH

  4. Washington Post, New York Times , MSN , etc are ALL Leftwing Democrat party mouthpieces PRETENDING to be "neutral and unbiased " . drop the act, assholes! We KNOW where you're coming from- just LOOK at the comments!

  5. If there was no fraud what are you so worried about? Why do you sue to clean up voters rolls? Why do you fight against ID laws? Why do you constantly spin words about election laws? Why do you call a sitting president who receives over 11,000,000 more votes and lose a conspiracy theory because educated voters question the loss? And look at what we ended up with! A faux government being run by puppet masters. You should worry too!

  6. At 1:29 into video, Fraud Katie Hobbs says, there is no way someone can be qualifed to audit a vote, um you count how many were for Trump and how many were for Biden, and when verifying people by calling them and saying do you have 40 people that voted for Biden at your home and they say no, YOU DONT NEED TO BE MORE OF AN EXPERT THAN THIS, YOU TRAITORS!

  7. ARIZONA HOUSEHOLD AUDIT.  I filed a police report of a burglary some items were stolen; a 72 inch TV, a side by side refrigerator, a 5 foot tall elephant statue and a blue baby grand piano.  Authorities arrived and saw and documented that the items were in fact not stolen, but there still in my house so I’m suing the police department for being fake and I’m hiring a private investigator named Teddy Wilstifya to re-examine things. He’s assured me the $87,000 and 11months will be worth it.  Thank God.

  8. Not just Trump people. It is about possible fraud. It is about thousands at rallies for Trump and loose for Biden. What is wrong with with ID'S.
    Audits end when there appears not to have fraud.

  9. There is something wrong. All the people recounting can see if something ( not a voter, dead, wrong signature, just a vote for Biden and nothing else). Biden has 50 years or more in politics and is dumb as a brick. Has he helped the people of the USA or not. NOT

  10. From day one you said, "nothing to see here" Well, then let us see it. Why are you not allowing us to see the routers???? There is a supeona from the senate. The people want to know the truth!!!

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